PaperScan Pro – Best Multi-Purpose Scanning Tool

If your scanner fails to save your vital scanned files on your computer, then it is the right time to look for reliable and trustworthy scanning software for sure. PaperScan Pro Scanner Software is a multi-purpose scanning tool available for Windows users. It supports all the scanners and scanning devices.

This software has three different editions which include Pro, Home, and Free Edition. If you are using this software for the first time for your scanning needs, then you should only go for the free edition. By using this software, you would be able to save the scanned images or documents with the PNG, PDF, JPEG, and WEBP file formats.

PaperScan Pro can quickly optimize your images and allow you to remove borders and holes in just a single click. With the help of the auto deskew option, you would be able to correct and find pages that are not straight. There are also various other tools for image smoothening, colors adjusting, page resizing, and tweak contrasting. Once you are done with all the changes, you can save your document in a different format including PNG, TIFF, PDF, or JPEG.

It offers document and flatbed feeder support to the users. The default language in PaperScan Pro will be English and you can change it later on. Let’s go through some of its features you should be aware of

  • Universal Scanning Application
  • Quick-Scan Mode
  • Image enhancements and Adjustments
  • Different File Formats saving
  • Import PDF documents and Images
  • Automatic Color Detection
  • Annotations
  • PDF Encryption support
  • Document Feeder and Flatbed support
  • Color adjustment, filters, crop, effects and Post Image processing
  • Duplex Scanning support

The Pro edition of PaperScan includes several image-editing options for the rotation, cropping, gamma levels, contrast, and zooming. If you are looking for an advanced and complex edition, then you should go for the PaperScan Pro only without any second thought. It gives you all the vital features you are looking for right now. The Home Edition of PaperScan Software is for the normal users who want to use it only for scanning and processing tasks.

This scanning software supports more than 30 languages and it will be easy for you to use this software on your language. It has an incredible user-interface which is simple to understand for the users. Most of the scanning applications are mainly focused on one scanning protocol, but PaperScan allows you to control numerous scanner, including cameras, network scanner, and acquisition cards.


PaperScan is very helpful because it is mostly compatible with hardware from all manufacturers. This scanning software is not expensive and you would be able to afford it easily without any issues at all. It is available at just $149 for a single license and $599 for a site license. You can control any scanner you want as it is not restricted to only a single scanning protocol. It provides an easy to optimize scanned images and other PDF files.

Go for it right now!

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