Best 3 Non-Chinese Document Scanner App for Android

There are several document scanner apps available on Google Play Store for users worldwide. These document scanner apps help in scanning your overall documents and files which include photos, notes, receipts, business cards, and even whiteboards. For the past few years, Camscanner was the most popular documant scanner application and now we are looking for the best camscanner alternative and here we are listing best non-chinese camscanner alternative apps. However, many users do not prefer using the Chinese document scanner app due to many security and privacy issues. Therefore, we are here to provide you the best 3 non-Chinese document scanner app for Android users.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the reliable and genuine non-Chinese document scanner apps for Android users all around the world. It offers great features and benefits to its users. You would be able to scan anything ranging from notes, photos, receipts, and whiteboards into PDF documents. It would be better for you to note that Adobe Scan can easily detect your documents for borders, recognizes text using OCT, and also sharpens scanned content easily without any issues at all. There are several touch-up options to edit and remove imperfections, stains, marks, and even creases. Users will be able to save a PDF scan to Adobe Cloud for easy sharing and multi-platform access.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is another non-Chinese document scanner app for Android users. It helps in scanning and uploading all your documents, notes, and receipts. As a user of this app, you would be able to click images and convert them to PowerPoint, Word files and PDF and save to OneDrive, OneNote or any local device easily without any hassle for sure. You can also import all your vital files from your Android phone’s gallery. You would be able to scan documents and save them in OneNote and Word to edit and annotate them later for sure. It is also possible to scan business cards and save the information to your phone contact list within a few taps.

PhotoScan by Google

Are you looking for a genuine document scanner app to scan pictures instead of papers and documents? If yes is your only answer, then you should go for the PhotoScan by Google which is a non-Chinese document scanner app available in the market. For beginners, it would help you scan photographs without glare using strong algorithms. The user interface is simple and easy to understand for everyone. The scanning process is fast and would take your less precious time for sure. Make sure you are scanning the photo from different points rather than considering only a single take. It does save your images in Google Photos so that you would never lose them at any time.


Finally, you are aware of the best 3 non-Chinese document scanner app which you should download in your Android devices right now. All the apps are free to use and you do not have to pay anything for using it. You can scan anything as per your overall needs with the help of the above-mentioned document scanner app for sure.
Go for it and share your experiences here with us!

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