Android 10 Update For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is not Available ? Check How to Download Mi A2 Lite Android 10 Official OTA Update

After a long time, the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite users start receiving an Android 10 Q update on their mobile. The latest Android Q update was rolled out to only a limited number of users and is available globally.

The rollout of the Android 10 update was a bit delayed from Xiaomi and the users of Mi A2 Lite even filed a petition against Xiaomi regarding this. Later Xiaomi announces that the Android 10 update was under development. Last year Mi A2 Lite users received the Android 9 Pie update by the end of November 2018

Now, the official stable version starts rolling out. It is announced by one of the senior moderators of the Xiaomi Forum and it is also mentioned that the rollout is partial and will be available to a limited number of users.

Some developers even shared the Recovery ROM of Mi A2 Lite Android 10 update which can be used to manually update the device. But in that case, there is a problem that the recovery OTA update requires TWRP installed on the phone which may find it difficult for many normal users.

Here we are explaining How you can download the official Mi A2 Lite Android 10 update via OTA.

It is completely safe and you don’t need to do anything additional on your phone. Here we are just using a VPN connection to change our current location and by switching to the current OTA available region.

Step 1: Download any VPN application from the play store either it is free or paid in which you need to check for the VPN locations Belgium. There are so many application available, you can download anyone that works with you.

Step 2: Open the VPN application and connect to ‘Belgium’ Location (Currently the Android 10 update is available in this location).

Step 3: Go to settings, then select ‘Apps & notifications’

Step 4: Click on ‘See All apps’. Then click on the menu over the right top (3 dots) and click the ‘show system’.

Step 5: Now, you have to clear data for all the below-listed applications

  • Fused Location
  • Google App
  • Google Backup Transport
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Services Framework
  • Location services

Note: to clear data for each app, you need to click on the app, then on the next page, click on the ‘Storage’, then click on the ‘Clear Data’ or ‘Clear Storage’ option. Do the same process for all the above applications.

Step 6: Better to connect via Wifi since the data download is more than 1GB in size.

Step 7: Go to Settings, then ‘System’ and click on ‘System Update’. Click on ‘Check for update’.

Step 8: Now, it will search for updates and if you have done all the steps correctly. you will get the update. Click on the ‘Download and Install’ button.

Step 9: The update will be 1089.3 MB size, so it will take some time to download. Once the download has started, you can see the progress bar and a ‘Pause’ button on the screen.


Step 10: Since we are now connected to a VPN, the download speed will be very low and it will take a long time to finish. So what we need to do next is, click on the ‘Pause’ button.

Step 11: Now, disconnect the VPN. Now, go back to the update section and click on ‘Resume’ to resume the download.

Note: we are only switching the location to Belgium only to get the download notification of the Android Q. Once we received the update and started downloading, then no need to use VPN (unless you are using a high-speed VPN).

Step 12: Lets the download to finish. Then after download, the system will start applying the update automatically. Once done, a ‘Restart now’ button will appear.


Step 13: Click on ‘Restart Now’. Now your phone will reboot. It will take a few additional minutes than the normal boot (5 to 10 minutes), since it is applying the updates. So please don’t get scared and don’t try to restart or switch off. Let’s wait until it finished.

Step 14: Done, once rebooted, your phone will be updated with the fresh Android 10 with some new features such as Dark Mode, Gesture-based navigation, etc.

Note: Here we are just switching the location to get the OTA update without further wait. The ROM is global for all the region and it is the same ROM that Xiaomi is rolling out to all the region. What we did is just a simple trick so that we can get it quickly without any further wait time. It is completely safe and official.

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