Xiaomi Mi Drop Android App For File Transfer Between Windows PC

For all those who use Xiaomi devices may already know about the application called Mi Drop. Yes, It is the pre-loaded file transferring application on all Xiaomi’s MIUI devices. The file transfer application is from the company Xiaomi itself and thus is being available for all the Xiaomi devices. For MIUI devices, the application is built in and thus user cannot uninstall them. Whereas Android One devices from Xiaomi such as Mi A1, Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite can uninstall Mi Drop from their mobiles, even though, it is pre-installed.

Initially, Mi Drop application was available for the Xiaomi users only. Later the company made it available for all android users and can be downloaded from the play store, and can be used as an android file transfer app. When we talk about file transfer application, we may familiar with applications such as Shareit, Xender, Google File Transfer app, etc. Mi Drop also does the same thing, but with some additional factors that users might love it.

Features of Mi Drop File Transfer App

Mi Drop android app also is a Wifi and Bluetooth based file transfer application that helps us to move files between two Android mobiles, or between Android mobile and PC. But there are few factors that move Mi Drop to the top.

Mi Drop is a lightweight application that doesn’t require a lot of space on the mobile.
The interface is very minimal with the only Send and Receive button on the home screen. Thus file sharing can be done with few clicks and doesn’t make any confusion.

The application is ad-free. There is no advertisement or any sponsored app suggestion in the application. So the application is much concentrated in user experience. So we can say that Mi Drop is the best file transfer app.

Mi Drop File Transfer Between Android Mobile and Windows PC

Mi Drop doesn’t have any dedicated Windows-based software/application. However, files can be easily transferred between Windows PC and Android device using Mi Drop App.

How to transfer files between a Windows PC and Android Device?

Before proceeding, make sure both your PC and Android device is connected to the same Wifi Network. So you can transfer files from android to pc and from pc to android.

  1. Open the Mi Drop application on your mobile and click on the menu option (You might see a small icon of your profile picture on the top left portion)
  2. In the menu list, you can see an option called ‘Connect to computer’. Click on that.
  3. In the next window, you can see a Wifi status and a ‘Start’ button at the bottom. Click on that.
  4. Now, you will be promoted with an option, whether to connect without a password or with a password. You can choose your own option. (If password protect is chosen, you need to provide a password and then use the same password on the PC while connecting, otherwise, the connection can be done without password)
  5. Then you need to select SD card or Internal Storage. You can select only one option at a time and the selected drive will be available on the PC. So select the memory that you are going to use for the file transfer.
  6. Once the memory option is selected. The connection is established. You can see the status with an FTP address in the bottom. It will look like (depends on your WiFi address and the local machine) There is also a stop button. Use the stop button once you completed the transfer.
  7. Next, open the file manager in your Windows PC.
  8. In the address bar of the file manager (eg: Computer>Local Disk ( c ) > Windows ) enter the FTP address and click enter.
  9. Now, if you are already given password protection in the above step, then on PC, you will be asked for a username and password. For both username and password provide the previously created password (username and password are the same)
  10. Now, all the files from your mobile (from the selected memory) will be listed as normal files and folders in the Windows PC.
  11. You can copy files/folders from your Windows PC to the FTP window or vice versa.

Once completed, go to the mobile and click on the ‘Stop’ button to disconnect it from the Computer.

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