If you are person who loves movies and series and using the streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, Jio Cinema etc. Then you must install JustWatch app on your mobile.

Just Watch is a streaming search engine which will help you to find out the titles available in various streaming service such as Netflix, Prime Videos etc from a single place. We all know, streaming service is now more popular and even in India with the outcome of data war, the popularity has been gone high too.

Most of the streaming service including Netflix, Prime Videos, Jio Cinema, Hotstar, Tubi TV, Sony Liv etc regularly update their service by adding more and more movies and series each day. If someone using multiple services and thus it will be difficult to find out what are the latest added movies, series or episode etc.

Users needs to go to each app/service and needs to check separately. But, this can be done easily with JustWatch service. The service is available via desktop and mobile application. In Just Watch, you will be able to see the contents available in each region via different streaming services. Because the content available in India via Netflix will be different from that of the US version. So here you can see the contents in each regions.

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What is JustWatch ?

JustWatch is a streaming search engine which will give you all the details of movies and series available in different streaming services. The service is updated daily and you will get all the latest added movies and episodes in different platform at a single window.

Is JustWatch available in India ?

Yes, JustWatch is available for Indian users also, you can select the country as India and then most of the available streaming service in India is listed there, you can see the latest updates in each service. JustWatch is available with contents for 32 countries which includes India, US, UK, Japan etc.

List of services available in JustWatch

As we mentioned above, the services available in each country will vary, since there are local streaming service and international streaming service in each country. In India, the services includes Netflix, Hooq, Prime Videos, Hotstar, Voot, Viu, Jio Cinema, Zee5, Eros Now, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies / Youtube, Mubi, Sony Liv, GuideDoc, Tubi TV.

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Features available with JustWatch

Using JustWatch you can see all the latest added movies and series form different service together. The updates will be listed by dates. It will also provide option to see the most popular movies and series in each streaming service. You can choose the service needed for you. So the update will only show the titles from your favorite streaming service.

You can also search for any title and it will show, in which platform the title is available. So you can skip the manual search in each application/service for you favorite movie or series.

If you create an account with JustWatch then you can create your own watch-list too. You can install the application on your Android Device or IOS Device. Just go to Play Store or App Store and install the application on your device.

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