Robokiller – Block Calls From Spammers, Telemarketers and Robocalls

The name Robokiller is somehow new to a few people, Yes, what we are talking about a new spam call blocker application for the Android mobile and the IOS mobile. Robokiller is a spam caller app and which can be considered as a Truecaller alternative. Truecaller is considered to be the most used caller identification application and can also be used as a spam blocker.

But Robikiller is actually meant for blocking the spam calls. As the name implies, the app is used to stop spam calls and robocalls. The application will automatically block calls from spam callers and the robocall. The robocall is one, the call being made by a robot or a bot.

The Robokiller app is available in the US and other countries now. For those others, the application is not available via play store. Robocaller will reduce spam and robocalls up to 90 percent.

How Robokiller Works?

Once installed, Robokiller app will filter all incoming calls and to your phone and will automatically identify the spam and other telemarketing calls. The app uses an updated database of almost all the telemarketing and spam calls. Once a person receives the call, the application will automatically check that number with the data in the system. If the number found as a spam call/ bot call/ telemarketing number, then the call will get automatically rejected.

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If you don’t want to reject the call, then there is an automatic call answer feature which will record the call is available in the Robokiller app. Also, Robokiller is the winner of the FTC’s anti-robocall competition.

How much does Robokiller cost?

Robokiller is free to download app. However, usage is subscription based. The Robokiller is providing a 7-day free trial. After that user needs to choose a monthly or a yearly subscription to continue the service. Thinking how much is Robokiller app will cost you? The price is actually $29.99 per year. But as per the company, there is no fixed price and many users are saying that they are getting different prices each time. However, the price will be $29.99 or more all the time.

Features of Robokiller

  • Automatically block spam, robocall, telemarketing calls with daily updated spam number list
  • Using FTC’s award-winning technology to block calls, thus by reducing spam calls up to 90%
  • Auto answer features available so that, calls can be recorded and listen at any time.
  • Blocked calls can be seen in the recent call logs to keep track of all the calls.

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Some people are asking is Robokiller is safe to use and is Robokiller free. For both, we can say that Robokiller can be downloaded free from App Store and Play Store. But after 7days of trial, the user needs to have a subscription to use it further. As a spam call blocker, we can say that Robokiller is safe to use and will reduce the time in handling spam and other telemarketing calls.

Download Robikiller For Android
Download Robokiller For IOS

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