WhatsApp Dark Mode Update is Now Available via Play Store

Finally, the dark mode for WhatsApp users has been launched for Android devices. After several months of deep testing, the WhatsApp dark mode will available for both iOS and Android users worldwide. Now you do not have to drop a beta version of WhatsApp on your device for using the app’s dark mode. For dark mode, you can manually set the dark mode for WhatsApp or app will match the system theme. If you are running Android 9 on your phone, then you can easily set a new dark theme by going through the WhatsApp setting menu.

It would be better for you to understand that you should update WhatsApp on your phone first for using the dark mode version. The dark mode will be applied on Android 10 automatically and no action is needed from your side. WhatsApp dark mode offers great and smooth experiences for the users. It is mainly designed to protect your eyes from low light environments. With the help of dark mode, you would not face any issues while texting at night to your friends or family members. It can save you from those awkward moments when your smartphones light up the room.

Here are the steps to follow for enabling dark mode on Android devices

  • First, you need to update the WhatsApp to the latest version.
  • Once you are done with updating, then go to settings option
  • You will see the Theme option and just tap on it.
  • Select Dark from the menu and tap OK
  • Finally, the dark theme is running on your Android device

WhatsApp dark mode is a completely new and unique design for the famous messaging app which replaces its old design and offers better design to the users now. You should note that it does not replace the present look of the app, but it is available as an option for the users who wants to try it. The dark backgrounds will be much easier to look for a long period of time and also at night for sure.

The darker mode screen will also use less power of your smartphone and help in saving your battery power. If you want to use your phone for a longer period without charging it continuously, then you should go for the WhatsApp dark mode without any second thought. Apart from dark mode, you would get an option of two other themes – ‘System default’ and ‘Light Mode’. The ‘System default’ enables users of Android 9 or below versions to switch to dark/light theme automatically. The ‘Light mode’ is the regular mode.


You need to understand that WhatsApp dark mode offers several great features like battery saving, eye protection and many more to the users who are using it. The interface is really simple and easy to understand like before and not much change in it. So, what are you waiting for? Download it from the Google Play Store and share your experiences with us right now!

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