How to Forward WhatsApp Message with Caption?

Yes, it is possible to forward an image message with a text caption in WhatsApp. But directly, as per the option available in the chat window, it is not possible. Normally in WhatsApp, we forward the message to another person using the forward option.

Last year WhatsApp included the forward option in the chat to forward all the messages that we received from any person can be sent to any other contact using the forward button. For using this feature, just long-press on the message that we wish to forward, either it is a text, image, audio, or video. Once highlighted, click on the forward button from the top.

Then, select the person that you wish to forward that message to and click send. In this way, we can send any Message from our WhatsApp chat to another person. But recently, WhatsApp limited the forward option to a maximum of 5 people. So that, as per the new limit, one message can be forwarded to a maximum of 5 people at a time if we need to forward it to more people, the same action to be done again.

How to forward WhatsApp message with Caption?

Even Though the direct forward option is not allowing us to forward an image or photo with the caption, we have an alternative way to do the same. To do that, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Long press the image with a caption that you wish to forward.

Step 2: Once the image message is highlighted, click on the Share button on the top.

Step 3: From the share option, click on WhatsApp

Step 4: Then select the person to whom you wish to forward the message.

Step 5: Now, the image will be highlighted with the caption and sent it.

Done, now the message will be forwarded with the caption, which is impossible if we do it with the inbuilt forward option.

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