Cool Interesting Hidden WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp is the primary messaging application now and for each and every activity we are using WhatsApp in our Mobile. Since its most popular, WhatsApp is introducing new and more features all the time and we are also looking for more feature every day. Today i am going to explain few features which is already in the WhatsApp, but its almost hidden and not all know that. So let’s see that.

1. Easy Reply Option

Currently WhatsApp have the feature to reply to a particular chat in our conversation, we use this feature mostly in order to reply to a particular message to avoid confusion, mostly in group chat and all. For this what we are doing is long pressing the particular chat and it will be selected now, then we will click on the reply button at the top and then write the reply message for that. This thing can be achived in a much simpler way.

Just long press the message you need to reply and after its being selected, simply type in the message box below, it will automatically activate reply option for that message.

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2. Double Tab to Switch Camera

We use camera option in the WhatsApp to take selfie and to take any other picture in order to send them to others. For this we use both front and rear camera. In order to switch camera, we are using the swap icon on the screen to swap the camera. This feature can be done simply by a double click. If you are currently in front camera mode, simple double tap on the screen, it will switch to rear camera, and while in rear camera, simply double tap to change to front camera.

3. Change the Text Font Style in Status Image

We have the feature to add plain text status in WhatsApp and we can change the color and font style also. But if you are adding a status image and you need to write something on that image, you can do it. If you need to change the color of the text, then also you can do it. But what about the font style? There is no option to change it. It can be achieved by doing this.

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In the status image, just type any text you want and after that, click on the color bar in the side, you can move your finger up and down through the bar to change the color, while moving through that move the finger to the screen without taking it from the screen and you can see the font style changing, just move left and right without taking it from the screen to choose your style. After you find your font style, take the finger from screen.

Links in Status Message

WhatsApp text status will also have an option to add link to it other than text, in which the link will be highlighted and clickable. Just add a link as like the normal text in the text status in http format eg: then the link will be available in clickable format and will be highlighted.

whatsapp link in status message mini

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  1. These are indeed some cool tips to get to know the new features. The double tap feature was new to me. Thanks for this article.


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