Are you looking for a perfect tool that can help you in managing bulk file processing operations? If yes is your answer, then you should use Binary Mark –Batch Files processor right now itself. It offers different text formatting and transformations operations which can be performed on specified parts of the text in files.

Do you want to perform several operations on thousands of different files? Yes, it can be possible with the conditional processing feature of the Batch files processor tool. You can also convert text files from ANSI to UTF-8 by using the Batch File’s Change Text Encoding action. You should note that the automatic, scheduled or manual modes are available. All the files can be split, merged and zip processed without any issues at all.

Let’s understand more about it by going through its great and helpful features for the users.

Conditional Processing

I have personally appreciated this great feature of conditional processing which helps in performing several operations with various files. Conditional processing is all about putting some conditions before taking some actions. It can be accomplished with the help of conditions in the actions sequence so that all files will be processed using various processing paths.

Advanced deep search

With the help of advanced search, you are going to search your all files list for processing based on file properties like creation date, size, and attributes. The program will automatically scan selected directories and subdirectories for any valid files.

Several processing actions

By using the Batch Files processor, you are going to do several processing actions which include search & replace, delete, movie, insert, copy, format, convert, extract, etc. You can remove a block of text specified by character or line range from a file. Also, it is possible to move a block of text specified by character or line range from one file to another file without any problem.

Simple User-Interface

One of the best things about using a batch file processor is using its simple user-interface. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand for the users. You are not going to face any issues while using it for sure. You can also try alternative User Interface theme where aero rendering is not currently available, or if you are going for the glass-less look. If you are not satisfied with the glass-less look theme with translucency effects, then you can try an alternative theme and also can make it your default theme.


Finally, you are aware of the binary mark- batch file processor and how it can be beneficial for managing bulk file operations smoothly. It has several plans for Individuals, businesses, government, and Institutions. I would recommend you first try a free trial so that you would get some better knowledge about this bulk file processing tool. After going through its free trial, you can go for the personal plan, full plan or yearly by considering your overall requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it right now and share your valuable experiences with us here!

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