Solid Explorer – One of the Best File Manager For Your Mobile

There are many great file explorer apps available for Android users right now. With so many options available, it is really difficult to find the right file explorer for all your needs and wants. Are you looking for a good file explorer Android app with a modern look, sleek and many features? If yes is your answer, then you should download the Solid Explorer Android app right now on your Android smartphones. Solid Explorer is one of the best and reliable files and cloud manager with two independent panels which can help you in giving a new file browsing experience for sure.

This file manager app is very fast, better and solid when compared to any other file manager app. It has the ability to manage all the files easily in every location easily without any problem. It would be better for you to understand that it also offers several customization options to the users which include icon sets, themes and color schemes. It is so easy to adjust the interface to match your overall requirements. Dual-pane file browsing with the feature of drag and drop will surely enhance your productivity without any issues.

It is also a cloud manager and provides you great support for cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, Owncloud and OneDrive. You should note that you can also connect the Solid Explorer file manager app to your Windows PC and various other remote servers working with WebDav, SFTP and FTP. If you are really tired of those useless file manager apps, then Solid Explorer will take care of your needs and wants. It has a feature of root explorer which can change your system-level properties. There is no need to remember about mounting file systems as Solid Explorer will do everything for you automatically.

Now as a user, you can also protect your folders and files by using your secret password. By using your password only you will be able to access all those secrets files and folders of yours. If you are using the fingerprint sensor, then there is no need to give the password. The same procedure applies to cloud storage as well, which can also be accessed using your fingerprint. Also, the user interface of the app is really great and simple to understand for the users. You are not going to face any issues while using this app at any time.


Finally, you are aware of the features of the Solid Explorer app and how it can be beneficial for managing all your files on your devices. You would be amazed by knowing that it is also a reliable file manager for viewing your media. It can easily arrange your videos, photos, and music in one single place where it will be easy for you to access. It has a built-in image viewer and music player, which allows the user to play remote content stored on Google Drive, PC and Dropbox.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and install the Solid Explorer file manager app right now itself!

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