Would you like to move into your dream apartment but aren’t sure where to start looking? Well, you might start with your smartphone (yes, that one you’re probably reading this article on) and look for studio apartments for rent nearby!

Since you always have your phone on hand, why don’t you use it to find a new place? There are a ton of apartment hunting tools online!

Below, we’ll discuss five apartment hunting apps you should download right now. So get them on your phone right away to start searching for your dream apartment.

1. Apartments.com

Apartments.com has it all. With over 350,000 listings, you’re sure to find a place you love. If you want to see high-resolution photos of a specific apartment, hop on the app, and explore. You’ll find beautiful images of each room in the house, from the bedrooms and kitchen to the interiors of each closet.

When you search for apartments on Craigslist, you’ll only find low-res images. But high-quality pics make it easier to get a feel for the “vibe” of each place, which will help you make a better decision.

This app updates listings regularly and gives real-time availability. As soon as a unit is rented, they’ll remove it from the search results.

And speaking of search results, The Apartments.com search engine is fantastic. It has many filter options, so you can browse for places that meet all of your needs. Looking for student housing? They’ve got you covered. An apartment complex with a fitness center? No problem.

Some listings on this site also offer HD virtual tours, a standout feature of this app. Getting a glimpse of what it would be like to live at the complex before visiting the property in person? That’s pretty cool if you ask us.

2. Trulia Rentals

Trulia Rentals is another great option. It has a one-click feature that makes it easy for renters to get in touch with the property manager. So if you’re interested in an apartment, you don’t have to fill out a long inquiry form. Instead, you can call the property manager directly, which saves time.

This handy app also has a Layers feature to hone in on the perfect place. In addition, you can apply as many search filters as you’d like, enabling you to find an apartment that suits your exact needs.

You can also find out more about the local neighborhood and learn about the schools in the area. It’s perfect for parents who want their kids to go to school in a good district!

Another benefit of this app is its Local Insights feature. Current residents leave reviews of the neighborhood, which you can use to learn about the surrounding area.

Residents may dish on whether their neighbors are friendly, or someone might rave about cool establishments nearby. It’s kind of like Yelp for neighborhoods!

3. Zillow

With the Zillow app, you get to personalize your search. So, for example, it’s easy to check and see whether an apartment has in-unit laundry or on-site parking.

Are you looking for a pet-friendly apartment where you and your pup can live? Specify in the search that you want to see apartments that allow them!

Some apartment managers allow you to apply directly through Zillow. And others even use Zillow to collect rent! Once you fill out an application, the platform keeps it on file for a month. Then, they give you 30 days to submit it to as many management companies as possible. This feature only costs $29 and includes an Experian credit report.

This app also allows you to search by price. Just enter your budget, and Zillow will provide you with a map of all the places you can afford in your area. This feature makes it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for!

4. Zumper

Not familiar with Zumper? Let’s talk about it! Millions of renters use this trendy app to find rooms, apartments, and houses. Moreover, it updates its listings as soon as new ones become available. In other words, you’ll never miss out on a new listing!

Who wants to go to crowded open houses? Not me, that’s for sure. Luckily, Zumper has an Instant Apply feature that guarantees that your application will go to the property manager.

The property descriptions on this app are unique in that they outline specific characteristics of the neighborhood. For example, they often discuss the weather, neighborhood landmarks, and fun events nearby.

How cool is Zumper? Make sure to download this tool while hunting for the perfect apartment!

5. Apartment Finder

If you’re a budget-conscious renter, Apartment Finder is perfect for you. It enables you to find affordable apartments in every city across the U.S!

Use the app’s pricing tool and online cost calculator to find the best deal. Apartment Finder will also send you regular updates on special promotions, which can help you save money.

The app’s search filters also allow you to find complexes that have short-term housing. So if you’re only spending one semester in a particular city, this is the place to find an apartment.

Apartment Finder also offers virtual video tours, which help to give you a clearer picture of the property. If you’re moving from out of state and don’t have the chance to tour the apartment in person, this feature will allow you to get a good look at the property before you sign a lease.

We’ve given you the scoop on five of our favorite apartment searching apps. Now, it’s time to download them to your phone!

You no longer have an excuse not to look for an apartment because it’s literally at your fingertips. With the right apps, you can search for a place based on location, amenities, or whatever else your heart desires. You’ll be decorating your new apartment before you know it!

Searching for an apartment is a fun process, but it can be stressful. These apps can make the process smoother, so start taking advantage of them today!

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