In November 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, an advanced language model. It was launched just a few months before, and within this short time, the tool crossed a user mark of over 1 million. Its intelligence, versatility, and ability to converse with humans have led to its booming growth.

And as it became one of the pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, OpenAI started including significant changes in the tool. It quite some time now since OpenAI has introduced numerous Chrome extensions explicitly designed for ChatGPT. But Which are the ‘Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions’ to try? Join us as we discover the same.

This article is all about exploring the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions. If you are a regular ChatGPT user, these extensions will enhance productivity and enable seamless tool usage. We have handpicked the best tools that augment the capabilities of ChatGPT and enrich the user’s experience. Continue reading to discover more.

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

1. ChatGPT Writer


The ChatGPT Writer Chrome Extension is the top choice for users who want to write emails. ChatGPT Writer is a secure and user-friendly Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT AI to create full emails and messages. Also, it’s a valuable tool for creating replies to long emails. It offers AI-powered writing expertise and enables correct grammar and diction for emails, messages, and other forms of text.

This extension allows users to enjoy its standalone functionality and generate immediate responses to basic conversation prompts. ChatGPT Writer is compatible with all Chromium-based browsers and supports multiple languages. Anyway, the extension is built for emails and texts, and you can also use it to chat with ChatGPT. This Chrome extension is right here to offer enhanced support for Gmail, making it particularly advantageous.

2. WebChatGPT

Although ChatGPT is for presenting information from the web, its major drawback is the lack of updates beyond 2021. This makes the tool incapable of providing current and accurate information on most topics. However, to overcome this limitation, the WebChatGPT Chrome extension is a valuable tool.

This exclusive extension allows ChatGPT to access updated content. Users can modify the region, time, and date settings and let the tool do its job. Later, obtain accurate and up-to-date information and generate results from diverse online sources.

WebChatGPT incorporates web search functionality and enriches ChatGPT’s responses with relevant information. However, there’s one drawback with this extension: the increased length of text responses.

In addition, some users also complain about plagiarism. Although with the ability to fetch web results and extract webpage text from any URL, this Chrome extension is handy. If you change your mind later, you can disable the extension using the toggle to restore native ChatGPT capabilities.

3. ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google is by far the best ChatGPT Chrome extension to use. This game-changer addition is ideal for frequent and regular AI tool users. Although ChatGPT is powerful, it is still limited to a single tab which can lead to delays and inconvenience.

However, this helpful extension directly displays ChatGPT’s response and Google search results. And once you start with your search queries in Google, ChatGPT will summarize the results within no time. ChatGPT for Google retains all the original features of AI, including answering queries, writing codes, providing well-formatted texts, etc.

It also eliminates the requirement to switch between tabs and thus enhances productivity. All you need to do is log in to OpenAI using the extension and start working.

4. Compose AI

Compose AI is another popular Chrome extension for ChatGPT. Like ChatGPT Writer, it also simplifies the process of writing emails. This extension allows users to write emails, headlines, outlines, sentences, bullet lists, paragraphs, etc. Standing true to its name, this ChatGPT Chrome extension streamlines email composition and allow automating through each step.

It caters to different cases, from business email and creative writing to personal messages. Users who are utilizing Compose AI receive a complimentary allowance of 1,000 words. After that, users can subscribe to a monthly plan of $9.99 for 15,000 words.

5. Promptheus


Promptheus is one of the remarkable Chrome extensions that transforms ChatGPT into a voice assistant. It allows users to utilize the microphone input and thus communicate effortlessly with ChatGPT. All you need to do is simply hold down the spacebar key and eliminate the need for typing.

With that, users can enable faster and more efficient conversations, breaking free from the limitation and slowness of keyboard speed. Besides that, Promptheus also enables language preferences and customization options for an enriching experience.

The Promptheus extension will appear on the right side of the ChatGPT conversation screen, and you need to ensure you have a microphone on your device. Otherwise, it won’t work. When using Promptheus, long-press the spacebar, speak the prompt, and Promptheus will swiftly input it into ChatGPT. Soon it will conduct searches, thus offering multiple options and answers.

6. Summarize

Another in our list of Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions is the Summarize Chrome extension. It enables a convenient solution ensuring quick and concise summaries of web content. Users can benefit from all these without reviewing entire articles, news pieces, or research reports. Summarize as its name suggests, and make sure that summarizing text is appropriate and efficient.

All you need to do is, install the extension, open any webpage (article, email, or any other text), and simply click on the extension. The extension will send a request to ChatGPT within no time, generating a neat summary within seconds. It also enables users to hold the main points of the content swiftly.

To summarize, Chrome extensions deliver impressive results consistently; however, occasional response delays may occur due to a high server load. Users can add this extension to their Google Chrome and enhance their reading experience while leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities.

7. ShareGPT

ShareGPT is the ultimate Chrome extension that enables users to share their chatbot interactions effortlessly. This Chrome extension allows users to copy their conversation within ChatGPT with just a single click. This makes sharing any piece of information with others a breeze. ShareGPT is ideal for those who prefer convenience over extra work.

Once you have installed the extension, a share button will appear alongside every ChatGPT conversation. All you need to do is click on the share button, and your conversation will open in a new tab while keeping ChatGPT formatting intact in seconds. Later simply copy the conversation link and share it with anyone you wish to.

This ChatGPT Chrome extension also offers a delete button for users with privacy concerns. Using the same users can ensure removing conversations automatically after some time. In addition, it also allows tracking the number of viewers who access the shared conversation link.

8. TweetGPT

TweetGPT is an integration of ChatGPT with Twitter. This Chrome extension generates tweets and replies using creative and thought-provoking responses. TweetGPT uses the combined power of ChatGPT’s API and tailors personalized tweets.

It offers a convenient way to generate tweets whether you want to express an emotion, join an ongoing discussion, or simply share your thoughts. Tweets generated or replied to by this Chrome extension resonate with the audience and help spark engaging conversations.

However, since ChatGPT is trained on a vast corpus of data, it is advisable to review and moderate the output of TweetGPT before posting. Ensure the tweet or reply aligns with your values and tone and does not interpret wrong or harmful information. TweetGPT is an ideal Chrome Extension for you when used with caution and moderation.

9. Merlin

Lastly, Merlin is an exciting ChatGPT Chrome Extension for you. It integrates seamlessly across your entire browsing experience. Merlin brings ChatGPT to life with the simple command Ctrl+ M in Windows and Cmd + M on Mac.

You can use it on Google to Gmail and beyond. It is a free and privacy-first extension that saves time while enhancing users’ online activities. Use Merlin when you need AI-generated social engagement on your social media handles or a quick YouTube video summary.

This Chrome extension gives users the most relevant and concise responses to your Google search queries. No matter where they are, users can choose their preferred language to chat with Merlin and get accurate and relevant responses.

The remarkable thing is that users can chat with the Merlin chatbot without having to scroll through the results pages to get the right information online. This go-to ChatGPT extension is of full potential and, thus, ideal to use.

Wrapping Up

These were the Top 9 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for 2023. If you are an avid ChatGPT user, use these Chrome extensions and enhance AI’s functionality by great measures. All the extensions listed above can help you improve your experience with ChatGPT. And since every extension in the list is easy to use, you can start with them right away.

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