Chat rooms have been around since the early days of the internet, with most popular sites like Facebook and Instagram providing their chat features to give users direct access to each other. And now websites are getting in on the fun, too!

Whether it’s to drive sales, boost engagement, or build brand awareness, adding chat to your online event can be a great way to help achieve all these goals and more.

Get to know RumbleTalk Moderated Chat

RumbleTalk Chat is an easy-to-use chat platform that you can use as a group chat in addition to your online event live stream. One of the chat types it offers is a Moderated Chat, a group chat with a designated chat administrator. Unlike other group chats without an admin, the admin of this Moderated Chat has these special functions:

  • Approve or reject chat messages before they go live in the group chat
  • Ban problematic users
  • Ban profanity or certain keywords
  • Mute all users
  • Limit the number of chat messages sent at a time
  • Pin messages on top of the group chat
  • Export the chat transcript

Here are a few reasons to invest in RumbleTalk’s Moderated Chat for your next event.

1: You can seamlessly embed a live group chat for your audience

A chat platform is a great addition to an event if you want people at your conference to communicate with each other and connect with the guest speakers.

RumbleTalk provides a clean and easy-to-use chat interface to embed beside your event live stream. As a result, guests worldwide can join your chat room and participate in ways that were not possible before.

2: You can screen messages before they goes live in the group chat, perfect for hosting Q&A sessions between your speakers and audience

Hosting Q&A sessions with speakers can keep your attendees engaged and create another opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

Rumbletalk Chat makes it easy for your chat admins to facilitate this effort. In a Moderated Chat, your chat admin can screen the questions before they go live into the chat; this allows for a more organized Q&A session where only the approved questions will be answered.

Your chat admin can also mute users, ban problematic users, restrict profanity, slow the chat, and export the chat transcript.

3: You can hold real-time polls to keep your audience involved

Live polls within group chats can gauge people’s opinions during conferences or events. With the help of RumbleTalk, your chat administrator can send out a poll within the chat and see the results of the said poll come through immediately.

Event organizers use it as an icebreaker to review questions after every topic or cast a survey.

4: You can provide easy access to on-demand content within the chat

Your RumbleTalk Chat comes with a multimedia file-sharing tool. You and your audience can share any file within the group chat. This lets you provide easy access to on-demand content, one of the most effective ways to engage guests.

Use this to send presentation materials before a meeting or demo videos to your audience. For one-on-one job interviews, use this to send resumes and job descriptions. For one-on-one consultations, use this to send registration forms and prescriptions.

5: Provide private chat rooms for networking and inquiries

Create multiple chat rooms that will serve as your online meeting rooms for those who want to inquire more about your products or services, get in touch with you privately, or even network privately.

With RumbleTalk, you can create as many chat rooms as you need, whether you need a meeting room, an event booth, a consultation room, or a waiting room for your guests. This is helpful for large events where you can simultaneously hold separate chat rooms.

6: Host Question and Answer sessions with your audience

The chat administrators can host Q&A sessions with your online audience. To do this, they can moderate the chat by approving and displaying relevant questions and responses from the participants.

As the chat moderator, they can ensure that the conversation stays on track and that only appropriate and on-topic comments are shared in the chat room. This can help maintain the quality and tone of the conversation and prevent spam or inappropriate comments from disrupting the chat.

Get started for free

Create your free account and try RumbleTalk chat in minutes. They offer a free forever plan that lets you use the chat for your website or events. For a demo call, contact their support by email or visit the official website for more details.

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