Nikon Battery Showing Full Charge While Charging [Issue & Solution]

Many Nikon DSLR camera users face a strange issue: the Nikon battery shows full charge when it starts charging. When the battery is connected to the charger, it will begin to blink, which represents the charging status, then suddenly, after a few seconds, it stops, and static solid light appears, which means full charge.

This article will cover this strange issue with Nikon Camera Battery charging and the solution.

Nikon Battery Blinking Stops After Few Seconds

At first, we will check how the issue happens and the pattern for the same. Consider the scenario where you want to charge the Nikon DSLR Camera battery.

For the same, you need to remove the battery from the camera and then insert the battery into the charging adaptor. The next step is to connect the charging adapter with the battery to the power socket. Here the issue occurs.

Once connected to the power, the adapter will show the blinking light, showing the battery charging. Unfortunately, the blinking will stop after 2-20 seconds, and a solid light will appear, indicating that the battery is fully charged. Typically, once the battery takes 1-2 hours to charge completely, it takes only a few seconds. This is the strange issue most Nikon DSLR camera users face with charging.

Is the Battery Full After Charging for Few Seconds

Not actually, the battery is not full; the fact is that the battery is not charging and is not getting charged while connected to the power, and this is because it is showing the full charged indicator after a few seconds.

To know that, you simply insert the battery back into the camera, and you will notice that the camera is not getting powered on or turned off after a few seconds. The battery is still empty, and no charge has been added.

What is the Reason For Nikon Battery Not Charging and the Solid Light

The battery is damaged and cannot further charged and be used. That is why it is performing abnormally. It shows full charge while connected to the charger and empty while inserted into the cameras. It means the Nikon Battery is faulty and is not working at all.

How to Solve the Nikon Battery Stop Charging after Few Seconds

As said before, the battery is not charging due to the battery complaint; in this case, that particular battery is entirely dead. The only solution is to replace the battery with a new one. You can buy the original Nikon or a compatible battery from an online or retail store.

So, if you see the battery charging stops after a few seconds once you plug in the Nikon Battery, it means the battery is dead, and you need to replace it immediately.

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