According to a study by LaptopMag website, Asus, Taiwanese brand, is the third best laptop company, behind only Apple and Lenovo. Its growth is mainly justified by its advances in design, innovation and maintenance of its technical support. Therefore, it is quite possible that you have a branded device or know someone who has it. So in No Fluff Tech will tell that you need to know about laptop battery.

Asus laptop Lines

Asus has laptop lines that suit different types of consumers. There are models for those who need the appliance for simple home applications, those that require better equipment performance.

Z series

laptops in this line are simpler and, of course, cheaper. They are a good choice for those who need inexpensive equipment for simple uses and especially multimedia (videos, texts, simple software).

X series

Asus X Series laptops are designed for entertainment and multimedia, with high definition displays, dedicated graphics chips, optional Blu-ray discs and more elaborate sound systems. They are a good choice for those who need equipment for heavier applications with a larger screen.


Asus VivoBook laptops are the perfect combination of beauty and performance. They are thinner and lighter, with the weight and portability of an ultrabook. This line also offers 2 in 1 laptop options.


The ZenBook line has the most refined laptops of the brand. They are the perfect balance between portability and productivity. Appliances are a masterpiece of design, with a beauty that reflects the close attention to detail.

ROG (Republic Of Gamers)

Asus ROG laptops make up a special line of Gamers Motherboards, Video Cards and laptops. They are designed for the ultimate gaming user experience, with good sound, audio and crash-free performance.

Where to buy laptop battery

Although it is a bit more limited, you can find laptop batteries in physical stores or, in some cases, in service centers. On the other hand, on the internet you will find many options, both in stores and in price.

Amid so many alternatives, it can be difficult to identify which one you can trust. So follow this checklist to buy without error:

Check the warranty period Tip: Choose one that offers at least 12 months.
Look at the brand and research it to make sure it is recognized and consolidated in the market.

Attention: You may also find unbranded Asus laptop battery, avoid it.

Review Specifications: It is important that the laptop battery has protection against short circuits and overheating.

Don’t use price as the deciding factor when choosing which battery to buy. Often, cheap can be expensive. A bad battery, for example, can damage your laptop and even render it unusable. Therefore, it is worth investing a little more to have a better quality product.

Payment methods: Make sure your store has a secure website badge that guarantees the privacy and security of your data. Also, flexible forms of payment and interest-free installment payments are offered.

Store and Product Appraisal: Stores that work with audit audits have 100% real product and company feedback from those who have had a shopping experience. So make sure she has a profile on sites like TrustVox, Verified Reviews, and Claim Here.

Asus also produces components for other companies. That is, it is outsourced by big names in the market to produce parts or entire products, bearing the seal of other brands. That means she has great quality of laptop battery However, this does not mean that you will not need to replace any of your components someday due to wear and tear.

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