This article discusses a common issue with the Mi 360 security camera where it goes offline at night. The two main reasons this happens are due to poor WiFi signal strength when doors and windows are closed at night, and firmware issues with the camera. To fix the offline issue, the article recommends restarting the camera, updating the firmware, providing an external light source if night vision is disabled, and improving WiFi coverage to the camera’s location.

Wifi Cameras or IP cameras are so popular these days, and people commonly place cameras in offices, homes, and shops. Since most places have Internet with a Wi-Fi connection, setting up the IP cameras is easy. It doesn’t need any complicated installation like regular CCTV cameras. That made it more popular, and we can see them commonly in most houses and shops these days, both for security and monitoring.

Even though the IP cameras are cheap and easy to manage, they can’t completely replace the CCTV cameras, but that does the job to some extent. We can see numerous brands releasing IP cameras and related products. We have Yi Cameras From Yi Technologies, TP-Link WiFi Cameras, Netgear WiFi Camera, Camera From Ring, etc. However, Mi products from Xiaomi are a famous brand that produces quality products at affordable prices and is used to make all kinds of electronic devices, from phones to TVs. They also have their wifi camera lineup.

Xiaomi Camera Offline Problem At Night

Mi Home Security Camera 360 is one such product in Mi’s lineup. Mi Camera 360 is an excellent IP camera that offers full HD vision with a 360-degree view. The camera is ideal for Indoor usage; however, you can also use the same outdoor camera. Even though the camera is perfect, many people complain about the offline issue at night. However, the Mi Camera 360 always goes offline at night.

So, here we will see why the Xiaomi camera offline problem happens at night on the Mi 360 Camera and how we can fix the problem.

Mi Home Security Camera 360 Offline at Night Issue

The primary issue that Mi 360 camera users face is the offline issue at night. The camera went offline at night, which may take time or need to be restarted to be online again. The problem is that the effective use of a security camera is at night, and unfortunately, Mi 360 Cameras went into offline mode at night.

Initially, no one found it quickly, but it worked perfectly during the daytime. However, at night, it goes offline. There are two main reasons for the offline camera issue on the Mi 360 camera.

  1. Due to the power of the WiFi signal during the night, doors and windows might be closed, so the signal reception to the camera might be less.
  2. The other reason is the issue with the camera’s firmware.

How to Fix the Offline Issue on Mi 360 Camera During Night

The following are the possible ways to fix the Offline issue of the Mi 360 Camera during the night.

Restart the Camera

The primary fix for any device is to restart it. If you face such an issue, try to restart your camera and check whether the issue is fixed or not. If the problem is not fixed, try the next step.

Update the Device Firmware

If your device firmware is old and has any pending updates, update it as soon as possible. To update the device firmware, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Mi Home app on your Android or iOS device. The Mi Home app’s settings and layout are the same on Android and iPhone.

Step 2: From the home screen, click on the camera you wish to manage.


Step 3: From the camera detail page, click on the settings menu (3 dots at the top right corner)


Step 4: From the settings section, click on Firmware update.


Step 5: You can see your camera’s current firmware on the next screen. If there are any new updates available, you can see them.


Step 6: Download and install the new firmware update. (if available). Once done, restart the camera.

Now, you can check whether the issue is fixed or not. If not, proceed with the next step.

Turn off the Night Mode on Camera

You can turn off the night vision mode if the above fixes don’t work. However, these six will fix the issue.

Step 1: Open the Mi Home app on your iPhone or Android.

Step 2: Select your desired camera from the home screen.


Step 3: Click on the Settings option at the top right corner (3 dots)


Step 4: From the settings items, Click on the Camera Settings.


Step 5: In the camera settings page, tap on Night-vision settings.


Step 6: In the Night Vision settings section, you can find 3 options.

  • Switch automatically
  • Always on (Full-color function not available)
  • Off


Step 7: You need to select and set the Off state.

Now, the Night vision on the camera is off, and you may not face the offline camera issue at night. The Mi 360 camera will run 24 hours a day and night without any problem.

You are good to go if this fix solves your Mi Camera issue. In this case, the issue is due to firmware issues. It has been found that Night Vision is causing problems with some device firmware, and hence, the device goes offline.

Even if you try to restart or reset it, the issue persists due to the firmware compatibility issue with the night vision. Hence, the only way to turn off the Night Vision entirely is as a solution.

Will USB Extention Affect Night Vision?

Yes, if you use a USB extension cable to increase the USB cable length, it will affect the night vision of the Mi 360 Camera. While using the USB extension cable, the power delivery from the power adapter to the camera will be less; in that case, the night vision may not work correctly. Normal daylight vision will normally work as it doesn’t require much power. On the other side, the night vision functionality on the Mi 360 camera needs more power, which will not be satisfied in the cable extension case.

Avoid the USB extension cable if you wish to use the Night Vision feature on the Mi 360 camera. In that case, you can use a power extension cable/adaptor/board and connect your Mi 360 power adapter directly to it.

The problem with Turning Off Night Vision

You may know that the night vision feature is essential to see the visuals via a camera during the night. This is because the infrared sensor on the camera helps to see the visuals during the night. However, turning the night vision will make the visible completely dark; hence, you cannot see anything at night.

How to Overcome the Night View Issue While Night Vision Turned Off

If you disabled the night vision option on the Mi 360 Camera, the only possible way to see during the night is by providing an external light source for the camera. You can plane any low-power LED light in the area to see the area’s visuals during the night without the Night Vision option enabled.

Wifi Coverage Issue on Mi 360 Camera

Since Mi Camera is an IP camera that works with WiFI, you must ensure the Wi-Fi signals reach the device properly. In some cases, the wifi router and the Camera might not be close enough, and the wifi signals might be affected by walls and other obstacles. Also, the Mi Camera might go offline due to less signal strength. So, if your camera and wifi router are not close enough, using a wifi extender to boost the signal strength is better. This will solve the offline issue of the Mi 360 Camera due to poor signal strength.


Turning off the Night vision is a simple and best fix to solve the Offline mode issue on the Mi 360 Camera. On the other hand, turning the night mode creates another problem of no visibility during the night.

The funny part is that no visibility or less visibility is always better than the offline state. However, it is not a permanent fix for the issue, but you can provide an external power source to solve that, too. The absolute and final fix will be released from Xiaomi by releasing a firmware update with the proper fix for the night mode. Having the fix to properly manage all the smart home automation, including the security cameras, is important.