As we explained about the BSNL Wings, it is an app-based VoIP calling service in India. BSNL Wings customers can make and receive calls using an internet connection with the help of the mobile application. The VoIP service uses mobile data or WiFi to make and receive calls. There is no need of having any physical SIM card or mobile coverage.

The service can be configured on mobile or PC using any SIP-based application and can be used on any device, whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone. Previously we reported about the launch of official BSNL Wings app too. Here we are looking into the three best BSNL wings app that works perfectly on the Android mobile.

Top 3 Best BSNL Wings App


Zoiper is a free SIP-based calling application that works perfectly for BSNL Wings. Zoiper is also one of the popular VoIP calling applications used all over the world. The configuration of Zoiper takes a couple of additional steps that might be a bit uncomfortable for some users. However, it’s worth using.

It provides a clean and modern calling interface that looks almost the same as the default calling application. The response time of the application is also good when compared with other applications. The app gets registered with the network so quickly and does not disconnect as other applications. This makes the application to stand ahead of others.

Zoiper is a free app, whereas some features require a subscription. However, for using it with the BSNL Wings service, it is enough to have the free version. The call quality of the Zoiper application is also excellent. There is no advertisement on the app in both the free and the paid versions.

Even though Zoiper is one of the best application for BSNL Wings, the configuration will be but complicated. You can check how you can configure the BSNL Wings number on the Zoiper application by checking our post that details about the steps.

Download Zoiper from Play Store

2. Grandstream Wave

Grandstream Wave is the name common to all those who are familiar with the IP telephone service. They are one of the main IP Phone makers and is widely used all over the world. Grandstream Wave also released an application that can be used for SIP-based calling services like BSNL Wings.

BSNL also officially suggests using Grandstream for BSNL Wings service. The application is also free and is stable with both WiFi and mobile data. The call quality of the Grandstream is also good. The response time is also good. The configuration of BSNl Wings on Grandstream Wave is easy since BSNL provides a QR code scanner and can be done with a single click.

Download Grandstream Wave For BSNL Wings

3. BSNL Wings Official App

BSNL launched the official application for the service a few months back. The configuration of the application is so easy as it requires only the wings number and the password. However, the app still has a lot of bugs and not at all stable. The application response time is not so good when compared with the other two. However, the call quality of the BSNL Wings app is decent, so that makes its position here in the 3rd place.

The issues with the official BSNL wings app are that it gets frequently disconnected all the time and you may miss some incoming calls while using the app. Also, the calls get disconnected sometime while using the service.

Download Official BSNL Wings App

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There is another application also available in the play store so that you can try. However, these three are the most used applications for BSNL Wings. But as per our recommendation, to enjoy the service with minimum issues, use Zoiper or Grandstream Wave for your BSNL Wings number. The official application still requires improvement, and it might be solved in the future.

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