Video Combiner – Combine Videos in Multiple Formats

Have you got some video clips in various formats and containers but really want to combine them together? Or are you searching for a video combiner to join your MP4 videos into one? If yes is your answer, then you should download and install Video combiner right now itself. With the help of a video combiner, you can combine all your videos in different formats and also in different resolutions to one single video easily without any issues at all. In this format process, there will be no video quality loss and display aspect ratio.

Video combiner is one of the most reliable and trustworthy merging software for Windows users. It allows users to combine videos in several formats into a single video file and you can also a variety of adaptive video resolution. This video combiner software supports several video formats recorded from all tablets and phones such as Android Phone, Apple iPhone, and supports various video formats such as MPG, 3GP, FLV, MP4 and many more.

As a user, you can mix files in several video formats at the same time. You can also combine mp4 and join various other formats into one video at the same time. It would be better for you to understand that it retains the original videos bit rates which means you do not have to worry about the video quality while combining your favorite videos at all. If you want to adjust the quality of your video, then a video combiner allows you to do that also. It will take only a few minutes to adjust the video bitrate value according to your overall requirements.

Here are some of its great features you should be aware of

  • Merge multiple videos into one video
  • Retain original quality of the video
  • No spyware and Adware
  • Simple user interface
  • Batch combine videos
  • All video formats supportable

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of Video combiner, any user can easily operate the program without any need for technical skill and experience. The user interface of the video combiner is very easy and simple to understand for the users. It also offers the option of auto fit “Screen Size” which helps in keeping the original aspect ratio of your video. Most of the users deal with issues relating to the screen resolution and aspect ratio while combining the video clips. You should understand that video combiner gives various pre-set options for adjusting the screen resolution. You can also combine your videos into standard 9:16, 16:9 and 5:4 ratios.


I have personally combined my own videos by using video combiner and really amazed by seeing its great performance. Video combiner is suitable for all the latest Windows platforms and works smoothly without any hassle. It is also helpful in merging 3GP clips, DVD VOB files, FLV files and many more. The video merging speed is faster resulting in saving your time and effort. You should give it a try and share your valuable experience here with us.
Go for it right now itself!

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