Being a movie buff, I always love to share and watch the sneak peek and have it as our WhatsApp status, sometimes in need to show to our team and discuss the editing techniques and for some as a study material. If you can’t be online always and need to use the video bytes for the academic or training purpose, the best way is to download those videos.

Also if I am using it for display purpose like a seminar, it is indeed to be in HD (720p to 1080p). Though YouTube serves for the online streaming and downloads purpose, it’s hard to change the devices for the saved videos on YouTube.

VidPaw comes in as the best solution for all those needs. VidPaw is one of the best YouTube video downloader websites indexed by Google and it is outstanding in terms of its service. So let’s take a look at VidPaw website.

Home screen – a warm welcome


The very beginning itself – VidPaw scores five out of five for providing a simple, easy to access and non-clumsy home screen. Particularly no ghost buttons and pop-ups. The visitor has two options either to choose from the streaming videos on the website or use the traditional paste-the-link method. The text box for the link to be pasted is clearly visible and perfectly bootstrapped to adopt all the window resolutions. The simple design promises the quick response time of the website.

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Downloading – What else left?


I just followed the traditional paste-the-link method. Once the link has been pasted and hits the download button, I am directed to the place with a wide variety of formats for the video. The quality of the video can be selected from a range of 144p resolution to 1080p. And here I must again appreciate the designers they gave a non-clumsy look for the formats available for download.

The download section has all the available formats, which has been divided into six tabs such as MP4, MP3, 3GP, WebM, Audio and Subtitle. The subtitle will be available only if the video has it. The single-click download option provides easy access for the user and navigate to the video I require. Vidpaw Youtube downloader is the best option to save youtube videos on devices.

MP3 download – Easy conversion mode


VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter provides the easy MP3 conversion of the videos of YouTube. Instead of using some third-party software or services, I can directly use the VidPaw for converting video to MP3. I have also an option to choose the MP3 quality from 64kbps to 320kbps.

Quick launch – VidPaw more like an add-on but less like a Chrome extension


Thank you, developers, you made it easy (especially for the lazy like me!) The Bookmarklet helps to directly download the YouTube video which saves the time of paste-the-link time.

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How does it work?

In VidPaw home screen, you can find the bookmarklet tab. By clicking on this, you will get a dropdown. Just drag and drop the button in the bookmarklet tab. Now open the YouTube and select a video, then click on VidPaw from the bookmarklet tab. The VidPaw will open in a new tab with the link of the video I selected in YouTube and navigate to the video formats available for download window.

This saves the time of the traditional paste-the-link method and it is more convenient to use.

To be noted – Specialization and highlight features of VidPaw

Like to have a quick look over the VidPaw and its highlight features.

Easy and appealing home screen

As mentioned earlier, the simple design makes the visitor more comfortable with their work. The well-bootstrapped design enables the VidPaw to be used in every cross platforms.

Video to MP3 downloader

Single-click conversion of video to MP3 Downloader. This is the very loving feature of VidPaw, instead of using an untrusted software for conversion I can directly use this feature for the conversion.

Soon to be available features

In the competitive field, a constant update on on-demand service is a must here. I have listed some of the soon to be available features of VidPaw.

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To be available for android and IOS

The good news is that its soon to be available in android and IOS which would be helpful for people who love to watch videos on the go.

Cross-platform downloading

This is what everyone expects, their favourite film, shows, and songs by a single click away from the reach. Hence, addition to YouTube, Facebook video downloading and Instagram downloading also needs to be added.


Overall the user-friendly and the abstract designing of the website engage the visitor to their task with no distraction. Some hyperlinks were still under development, yet the mainstream service of online streaming, video to mp3 converter and YouTube video downloader is quick in response. Also, the bookmarking feature in the website is actually handy by which it saves our time than the traditional paste-the-link feature.

On the whole, we can rate Vidpaw with a good score. The cons were unavailable links all over, especially the flickering drop down in the bookmarklet tab. On the whole, my experience was good and engaging and can consider Vidpaw as the best video downloader service.

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