If you are running a business, chances are you are struggling to keep up with the competition. We can’t blame you, though, as the truth is, entrepreneurs across various industries have become more formidable and competitive. There are various reasons why they succeed, but the most important one is that they use whatever they can to gain an edge over the competition. They even monitor platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to better understand the dynamic market.

Social media monitoring is simply the practice of using various tools and solutions to “hear” what is being said across the vast spaces of the internet. The findings of social media monitoring can help your business grow in a sense that you’ll be able to see what trends or demands could take shape within the following weeks or months.

You get ahead by thinking ahead. But, of course, it is not enough to browse through forums and fan pages to see what people are talking about. This is where platforms like NetBase take a shine. NetBase allows you to understand your audience better above anything else. So what are some of the features you can expect from these top-tier platforms?

Social Media Monitoring Features You Need

Let see some of the social media monitoring features.

Image Recognition

Posts on websites and social media platforms aren’t always chunks of text that you can browse through. Believe it or not, many people can communicate solely with images, emojis, and memes. Social media monitoring solutions without the capacity to recognize and read images will struggle to understand the complex language of the online audience fully.

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Not many tools have the capacity to read through images. In fact, a lot of them skip through these. This makes sentiment analysis less effective. People speak better through pictures and not just with words. As such, image recognition gives solutions the capacity to understand the audience on a deeper level.

Website Compatibility

This is the very core of every social media monitoring tool. It is not enough for solutions to handle analysis on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For a fully effective analytics run, it must be capable of going through countless other websites, including Reddit, 4Chan, and other popular forums. This way, you can maximize the audience you are reaching out to.

Some online users are more vocal on certain platforms. Then certain platforms are more popular with certain industries. Going by this logic, having access to a broader range of websites gives you the chance to target specific groups easier.


The internet is wider than you can imagine. The worldwide web is segmented into regions, and not everything online is accessible to you immediately. Imagine that you are a global brand. However, you don’t have any means of accessing one particular channel because it is not available where you are. This is how geofencing works.

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The best solutions for social media monitoring should allow you to go above and beyond the limits of the internet. It should monitor country-specific platforms and websites so that you can maximize the effect of an analytics run. You’ll be missing out on a lot of the audience if you limit yourself to one region only.

If you still aren’t hooked on monitoring social media, then you should begin reconsidering your choices. This is one of the surefire ways for you to develop and grow your brand into new heights. While solutions like NetBase aren’t free, what you’ll make off out of it will be worth it. So don’t think of it as an extra expense. Instead, see these solutions as a form of investment. That way, you’ll see their true value.

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