YouTube Premium And YouTube Music Premium Launched in India

Last week India witnessed a great change in the entertainment field. It was with the launch of Youtube’s two services here in the indian market. First is the adfree service of YouTube, ie YouTube Premium and the next one is the music streaming service from youtube, ie YouTube Music app.

Both these service launched in India just days after the launch of the world’s most popular music streaming service called Spotify. With the launch of Spotify in India, google also decided to launch their service in India which was already available in the US and other countries.

As a launch promotion, Google is offering its Indian users to trial their service for the first months. The YouTube music app can be used free for one month whereas the YouTube Premium service offers a free 3 month trial.

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What is YouTube Premium ?

YouTube Premium is the adfree video streaming service from YouTube. This is not a separate app or service from YouTube. With the premium service, you can enjoy all the videos in the same YouTube app without any advertisement. Once you become a premium member, inside the YouTube application, you can see the YouTube logo as Premium one and can enjoy all the contents without a single ad. The premium service also lets users to play videos in the background too.

Other than the adfree experience, all the premium users can enjoy all the YouTube original series within the application. YouTube Originals and YouTube Red are YouTube’s own series which is same like the Hotstar originals, Netflix and Amazon originals. All the original contents can be seen within their application only.

YouTube is offering free 3 months trial for all the Indian users, and after the Trial, the service will be charged at Rs. 129 per month.

What is YouTube Music ?

YouTube Music is a music streaming service form YouTube which let users to enjoy music from Youtube. Since it is entirely dedicated for music, you will get only music contents within the app. In the normal YouTube application, users need to search themselves the music to listen and now this thing makes the job easy.

Unlike other music streaming service such as Gaana, JioSaavan, Spotify etc, YouTube Music also have the option to see the video too. Users can download the video or audio alone with this application. YouTube music also lets users to enjoy the music in the background too.

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YouTube Music as a free and paid option, If you are not ready to pay for this, then you can enjoy all the music free also. But it will support advertisements and also some features such as background playback will be unavailable.

YouTube Music Premium will be available free for one month as a trial offer and after that user need to pay Rs. 99 per month. Or can continue free with ads.

How to Get Free Trial for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium ?

Both services will be available for free trial. But what we recommend is to get a trial subscription of YouTube Premium, so that you will get YouTube Music Premium also with that.

  • Step 1 : Open your YouTube application and goto youtube premium section from the menu.
  • Step 2: There, you will get an option to subscribe the premium service. Click on that.
  • Step 3: You will be taken to the Play Store payment section. There you can see, it will tell you about the free 3 month trial and the next payment date (after 3 months trail)
  • Step 4: Click on continue, so proceed with the payment. And done. The Youtube Premium and YouTube Music Premium service has been activated for you.

Note: In order to get this activated, you need to have a valid payment method added in your Google Play Store. It can be either Credit/Debit card or Google Play balance. Also make sure that you have at least Rs. 129 in your card/play balance. You can use virtual debit card like the Kotak 811 account also for the same.

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No need to worry, they only need to verify that you have the balance in your account and no amount will be debited until the trail ends. If you are using credit/debit card, then at the payment time, Rs. 20 will be deducted from your account and on successful payment the money will be refunded to your account. It is a part of the card verification.

If you wish to continue with the premium service after 3 months, money will be automatically debited from the card/balance and If you wish to not to continue with the subscription, simply cancel the subscription at least one or 2 days before the trial ends.

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