Reasons For Message Blocking is Active Issue on Android

Many Android users are facing one common issue related to messaging services. While trying to send any message, a popup appears saying that the Message Blocking is Active. There are multiple reasons for the message blocking is active error on the phone.

In this article, we will check a few of the common reasons why message blocking is active issue and see how to fix them.

Message Blocking Is Active

Message Blocking is Active Issue that Happens most commonly on Android Devices due to multiple reasons. Following are a few reasons and fixes for the Message Blocking is Active Issue on Android Phones.

Network Coverage

For all the services, including SMS, Calls, or Data, network coverage is important. In some networks, the coverage will show one or two points. However, the SMS or call won’t work. Even though little coverage exists, the network bandwidth may limit services like calls, sms for some random users. So make sure you do have enough coverage.

If coverage is limited, try moving to an open area to get more signals and check whether the message is sending fine.

Blocked Number For SMS

Number blocking is another reason for the message blocking is active issue. If you have blocked a number in the past, the SMS won’t work for that number until it is manually unblocked. To cross-check the same, go to the blocked numbers on your phone and check whether the number you are trying to SMS is in the locked list.

If the number is in the block list, then it might be the issue, and you need to remove the number from the list to fix the message blocking is an active issue on the phone.

SMS Blocking on Number

Service providers sometimes impose some restrictions on SMS due to security issues. If a user takes a duplicate SIM on a number, some service providers will temporarily block the SMS service, which will be restored after some time.

If your number has any such restriction, you need to verify the same with your service provider. If some sms ban or block exists on the number, you can ask the provider to remove the ban.

Check for an Active Plan on Number

An active plan or subscription for SMS, Call, and Data services. Make sure you have an active plan if it is a prepaid number and a subscription in the case of a postpaid number.

Contact Customer Care For Help

If none of the above steps doesn’t work for you, then the best option is to contact customer care and let them know the issue. If there is any network-related issue on the whole network or your number, they will fix it from their end.


Above mentioned points are a few general issues, and fixes for the ‘message blocking is active’ problems. Apart from these, sometime other issues might also cause the sms blocking problem, like the conflict with the messaging app. SMS center number mismatch etc.

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