How to Fix Message Blocking Is Active Issue on iPhone & Android

A few years back, SMS was so popular, and most mobile users used the short message service as the primary communication option. However, the situation has changed these days, and we can see that SMS is being used very limited, especially for finance-related activities.

This article will check one of the SMS-related issues both iPhone and Android users face. So, we will check how to Fix the Message Blocking is Active error on iPhone and Android.

Message Blocking is Active Error

Message Blocking is Active Error that can happen due to multiple reasons. As it is an SMS-related issue, it won’t affect the phone’s normal usage. Once users get the “Message Blocking is Active” error on the screen, they won’t be able to send any SMS from the phone.

Fix Message Blocking is Active Issue

So let’s see the possible reasons and ways to fix the Message Blocking is Active problem on your mobile. The following fixes are applicable for both iPhone and Android.

Restart the mobile

As said in all our previous articles, the initial and basic troubleshooting for all the issues on a smartphone is a restart. Reboot the device and check whether the issue is resolved or not. It doesn’t mean restarting sn fixes it, but continuing the basic step for troubleshooting procedures.

If the issue is not resolved, proceed with the other steps.

Re insert the SIM Card

If you are not using an eSIM and the physical SIM card is within the phone, ensure the SIM card is inserted correctly. If the SIM card is not properly inserted, you won’t even get a Signal on your mobile. However, in rare cases, the phone receives the signal, and SMS won’t work. To troubleshoot this, try to remove and re-insert the SIM card on the phone.

Message Blocking is an active issue that can be resolved by doing the same. If not, proceed with the other steps.

Check with the Active Mobile Data Plan

One main issue is with the active mobile data phone on your mobile. Some mobile data plan comes with only call and data benefits, and SMS won’t be available within that. People won’t know that too. So, if you see that Message Blocking is an Active issue on your mobile, then make sure your phone has an active mobile data plan with an SMS feature enabled.

Third-Party SMS Apps

If you use any third-party application as your default SMS app, try changing it to the default SMS app. Sometimes, third-party SMS apps can create issues, and changing that to the inbuild default app causes the issue might get resolved.

Check For SMS Blocking

SMS blocking can be done by both default phone blocking setup or using any third-party number blocking option. Check whether the outgoing SMS is blocked or not. If SMS blocking is active, try to disable it and try again to see whether the issue is resolved.

iMessage on iPhone

On an iPhone, you may know that the SMS and the iMessage options use the same messaging application to send and receive messages. Sometimes, the iMessage can cause issues and not send SMS from the iPhone.

As a troubleshooting step, go to the setting on your iPhone and disable the iMessage option for a while. If the SMS is working after disabling iMessage, the issue was due to the iMessages.

Network Resettings

If you are an Android user, you can perform a network resetting to fix all network-related issues—Goto to settings on Android mobile and reform network settings reset. Most of the network-related problems will be fixed by doing the steps.

Update the Phone Software

If there is any pending update on your mobile, update it as soon as possible. Check for any pending software update on your iPhone or Android, and if found something, proceed with the update and check whether the issue is resolved.

Contact the Servcie Provider

If none of the above fixes helped you resolve the issue, then the next option is to contact the service provider and inform them about the issue. If it were due to any technical issue from their side, they would fix it from their end.

If not, then if the issue was due to the SIM error, they suggest you get a duplicate SIM card for your number. If so, you need to take a copy of the existing SIM number, and the Message Blocking is Active issue will be resolved.

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