Facing an Issue of Not Receiving SMS After SIM Change ? Here the Reason

SIM Swap, getting a duplicate SIM card for your existing mobile number is not a big deal now. But, after exchanging or upgrading the SIM card, you may not receive any SMS on your new SIM card. Many users are used to logging the complaint with customer care regarding this. But it is not at all an issue with your operator such as Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, etc. As per TRAI’s rule, any duplicate will not be able to receive any SMS for a period of 24 hours from the time of activation.

Incoming SMS get blocked after SIM change

The new rule says that any duplicate SIM issued, will not receive any SMS on that particular number for the next 24 hours from the time of activation. However, the outgoing SMS will work as like before. You will also receive calls and can make outgoing calls, data, etc. The only issue is with the incoming SMS. It includes all the categories such as personal SMS, OTP’s and other promotional SMS’s.

How to Fix the Issue of Not receiving SMS on your Number

First of all, it is considered to be as a security feature and not an issue. Hence, the resolution is automatic. The problem gets resolved automatically after 24hrs and you will start receiving SMS after that. For this, no need to contact or log a complaint with customer care. Just wait for one day and things will get sorted automatically.

Reason For Blocking Incoming SMS after Upgrading the SIM

Currently, as per the new rule, SIM card of any operator whether it is of Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, etc will hold a temporary ban of Incoming SMS for a period of 24 hours. This was implemented to ensure the safety of the user. There are a number of cases in which SIM fraud has reported which resulted in the loss of money from Bank account etc.

Fraud action takes place in which a duplicate SIM of users may be taken by thieves and criminals. The original SIM user will be unaware of this. Once a duplicate SIM card is issued the original SIM with the real person will get automatically disconnected. Further, all the calls and SMS will be received on the duplicate SIM card with the criminals. They can use this to receive OTP from banks this to steal money from the bank account of the SIM owner. Since the number is disconnected during this time, the user will not get any information about this.

In order to avoid this type of fraud activities, the new temporary block has been implemented for SIM duplication. So, no such type of cyber fraud activities can be done during these times. In the meantime, the original SIM owner can report the issue with its operators. So that the duplicate SIM can be deactivated, if the duplicate SIM was not taken by the real owner.

Drawback of the SMS Blocking with the Duplicate SIM

The feature is to ensure the safety of the customer, however, for the original user, it may cause some issues. During the 24 hours time, the user will not receive any SMS including normal SMS, O, etc. If you are frequently using the bank account for online transaction, then this might cause a problem. You will not receive any OTP from the bank so that no transaction can be made during these times. Also, if you are about to receive any important SMS, then also you may miss them.
Another important thing is that you cannot register to any applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Duo, etc using the OTP message during this time. Alternatively, WhatsApp and some other application provide OTP over call, that can be used to solve this issue. But for all others that need OTP over SMS, you need to wait for 24 hours.

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6 thoughts on “Facing an Issue of Not Receiving SMS After SIM Change ? Here the Reason”

  1. This should change… If it is the same owner. Y can’t u release the services… Has u take id proof of the person.. So that u can activate the sim

    • It is kept for an added security. There are cases happened before in which the duplicate SIM of the owner has been taken by fraud group in order to receive OTP after hacking their credit/debit card details.

      To avoid this case, the no SMS period added for the duplicate SIM. But sure, it will be a headache for the real owner.

  2. After activating duplicate Airtel SIM card …..even after 22 hrs I can not able to send SMS…I understand about blocking the incoming messages for security reasons, but there is no point in blocking outgoing messages!


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