Do you find it hard to find and organize your files on a MacBook? Are you looking for a platform or application to make your task more seamless and hassle-free? It is a tedious task to move files on a mac, and for this, you might need the help of the multi-windows finder in mac, which makes the job more complicated.

Furthermore, if you want access to various cloud storage, you must open new tabs every time you need access. Therefore, to help you sort this problem out. This article will discuss a platform that makes your task simpler and seamless.

What is forklift 3?

Hearing the word Forklift, the images that come to your mind are of the forklift truck used to move objects from one place to another in factories, industries, etc. But in this instance, we are talking about an application for mac. The Forklift is somewhat similar to the forklift trucks as they both help move something from one place to another.

The forklift 3 is the most upgraded dual-pane file transfer client and file manager for the mac operating system. It is a perfect alternative to the Mac operating system finder. The forklift 3 is not a mere and simple utility manager, but it is more than that. It makes finding and organizing files in the MacBooks more seamless and convenient.


Is Forklift the best FTP Client for Mac?

The answer to the question is Forklift is the best FTP client for mac, then the answer will be definitely yes. With forklift 3, you can efficiently multiply folders or files and cloud storage services and switch between different windows. The basis of Forklift 3 is on the superior principles of file finder, and for this reason, it is way more superior. This dual pane integer comprises a left and right panel and sidebar items like folders, drives, remote connections, etc.

You can use any of these items to open the volume in the active pane. Forklift offers its users with connection with multiple server connections at a time and simultaneously uses the simultaneous transfer to download or upload files with the fastest speed. It also has built-in GIT support that can easily commit, add, push, and pull challenges from the command menu. This multi-rename tool enables you to replace characters, modify dates, change the character, etc. Similarly, Forklift three also has a built-in app installer to uninstall the applications to support the files efficiently.

How is Forklift 3 better than FileZilla?

We have discussed what forklift 3 is and how it is the best file transfer pane. Let us have a detailed comparison and see how the forklift 3 is better and more efficient than the Filezilla.

The Filezilla is an FTP designed for different platforms like the Mac, Linux, and windows, whereas the Forklift three has the design for the mac operating system. In terms of speed testing, the Forklift efficiently finished downloading and uploading the files and deleting the smaller-sized files within a few seconds in each test. At the same time, the FileZilla’s speed was to be somewhat slow in this regard. In terms of uploading the files, the speed of forklift three is 1.43 times faster than the Filezilla. And also, in the instance of downloading any file, forklift 3 is 16 times faster than the Filezilla.

Similarly, in terms of UI/UX, it is found that the Forklift is way more superior to the other FTP like Filezilla. Again, users of forklift three can also enjoy using the dark mode, which features the light text elements in contrast to the dark background. Still, this feature is not available in the FileZilla FTP. Another instance where the Forklift 3 scored more than the FileZilla is that it can efficiently connect to and also mount to numerous storage options.


In Filezilla, the users can face another problem: the installer of Filezilla can install the adware by default that might make the users face hardship, whereas this is not done in forklift three. Hence, the user convenience is significantly enhanced.

Forklift 3 as cloud storage ( How to connect Google Drive and Amazon S3)

Above, we have discussed what forklift 3 is and how it is better than other FTP’s. Now let us glance at who to connect forklift 3 to different cloud storage like Amazon S3 and Google Drive.

How to connect Forklift 3 with Amazon S3

Amazon S3 refers to an online storage web service given by the Amazon web services. Here the S3 refers to the simple storage service. The services of amazon S3 are available in a few supported regions like the US EAST, U.S West, Ireland, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, Mumbai, Beijing, Ningxia, Central, South America, etc. Hence, if you reside at any of the above locations, you can seamlessly connect your forklift 3 to the Amazon S3 cloud service. And one can do it by using your access key and secret key to connect both.

Connect with Google Drive

Another good cloud storage system with which you can connect your forklift account is google drive. Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage system and offers its services in every corner of the world. To connect forklift 3 with Google drive initially, you must click on connect and then log in to your Google account in the browser. After completing these steps, the Forklift will provide you access to Google Drive, and then you need to return to your forklift window.

Pricing of Forklift 3

The forklift 3 for mac is not available free of cost. To use it, you need to pay some amount. Forklift comprises three different types of pricing. They are as follows:

Single user license

In this type of you can install forklift 3 for personal use only on your mac. And the price of this license is $29.95.

Family License

It is another type of pricing for forklift 3. In this, you can install forklift three on different users’ accounts on a Mac available in your family. However, this type of license tends not to apply to educational and business institutions. The price of this license package is $49.95

Small Business License

This type of license is available for businesses and industries. Education and business institutions can also use this package of forklift 3. With this package, one can install the Forklift efficiently on 3-5 mac devices. The price for this package is $99.95.


Thus, above, we have discussed forklift three and how it is the best and compared it with the other FTP like Filezilla. It will give you insight into why you prefer to use forklift three than the additional FTP for your mac devices. In addition, we have also mentioned the different pricing package of forklift three that will enable you to make your purchase decision faster.

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