Speaking of brilliance, we have Apple Inc., and it has always been known for launching efficient products in the electronic market. The striking iOS features are already making rounds across the globe. In addition to this, Apple laptops have largely been a center of attraction for the users. The macOS is currently the most secure and demanded operating system. For computer users, the Mac universe is all they strive to gain. The two major models are the New MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

However, numerous versions of both the models have been launched since their inception, and each one of them comes with an emerging tech upgrade that attracts a larger crowd. Macs have remained unbeaten in design, strength, durability, performance, and security in the past few decades. Apart from the competition with the other leading brands, there is a race between the two Mac models to prove superiority.


There has been confusion among the users about the best MacBook they can get in their budget. In June 2020, Apple Inc. launched the latest version of MacBook Pro, which has some outstanding features making it a more powerful Mac than Air. Here is a review of the New MacBook Pro and a detailed study better than the previous version.


New MacBook Air comes in a single size of the 13-inch display, while the Pro is introduced in 13 inches and 15-inch sizes. The devices are grey and silver, while Air has an additional gold color. Both devices have Retina displays with a screen of 2560×1600 resolutions. The MacBook Air has a led display and a total brightness of about 389 nits, while the MacBook Pro has 500 nits. The brightness levels are comparatively stronger but MacBook Pro is a better option for designers, photographers, and editors.


Features Of New Design Upgrade Of Macbook Air And Macbook Pro

Apple dropped the butterfly keyboard for both New Macbook Air and opted for the traditional scissors-switched version for Air and Pro. A large, clickable trackpad is available in both designs with the excellent build quality. The MacBook Air provides three compatible USB-C ports, two inbuilt and one additional, while the Pro is available with three USB-C ports for 13-inch size and USB-C ports for 15 inches.

The laptops have a 720 HD webcam, stereo speakers, and excellent sound quality. However, MacBook Pro still gains the upper hand because of its high dynamic range and thus produces better quality audio. MacBook Pro comes with an inbuilt Touch Bar while the feature has been dropped in all versions of MacBook Air. The Touch ID and Login buttons are also available.


The MacBook Pro-13 has been introduced with 10th generation Intel Processors. However, the upgrade is available only for the high-end models, and the entry-level models still run on 8th generation processors.

The high-tier MacBook Air is built with the Intel, 10th generation processor with a quad-core chip clocked at the base of 1.1GHz and peal of 3.5GHz. The 10nm processor technology used in the models promises a better performance and power efficiency over the 14nm processor. However, the Quad-core i5 processor is MacBook is disappointing.


It only provides 27 percent improvement in the performance of multi-core chips and only 8 percent in the single-core workloads. Nevertheless, MacBook Pro beats the previous and new Air versions in terms of power and performance, despite being built on a comparatively older processor.

The high-end MacBook Pro 13 models deliver still better and faster performance. According to the Apple Inc testing module, the newly launched product converted a 4K video in Handbrake to H.265 in not more than 3 minutes which is the fastest time recorded in a 13 inch laptop. Apart from this, MacBook Pro 13 has beaten the previous Macs in benchmarking tools like Cinebench R20 and Geekbench5.

Features Of New Performance Upgrade Of MacBook Air And MacBook Pro

Comparing the memory, MacBook Pro 15 is built with vanilla DDR4 sticks clocked at 2667MHz. The earlier versions were built on low-performance memories. MacBook Air comes with LPDDRX4 memory, which is clocked at 3733MHz. The high-end MacBook Pro 13 models are also equipped with LPDDRX4 RAM clocked at 3733MHz, giving a high memory range to the newly launched version as the previous versions were clocked at 2133 MHz with LPDDR3 RAM.

While MacBook Air comes with a ROM of up to 1TB, the MacBook Pro 13 supports up to 2TB of ROM, and MacBook Pro 15 supports up to 4TB of ROM. In addition, MacBook Air is built on Intel UHD 617 Graphics, while the MacBook Pro comes with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 and the MacBook Pro 15 comes with AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20.

The entry-level MacBook Air is available at USD 999 with 10th generation i3 dual-core processors, while the high-end Air models can be availed at USD 1,299 or more. MacBook Pro 15 models are available with 9th generation Hexa-core processors opening at USD 2,399.


The MacBook Pro is about 0.61 inches thick and 11.97 inches wide, whereas the MacBook Air is slightly thicker. The testing units have claimed that MacBook Air provides a battery backup of about 9 hours 30 minutes while web browsing, 10 hours during video playback, and about 4 hours in more intensive applications.


However, the MacBook Pro 13 provides a battery life of 7 hours while web browsing and about 3 hours 20 minutes for heavy application. However, New MacBook Pro 13 still lasts 45 minutes longer than the other 4K laptops available in the market.

The MacBook Pro 16, as claimed by Apple Inc., is supposed to provide a straight 11 hours battery life for web browsing or video streaming. However, the battery lasted 6 hours over the standard workload. None of the models provides a high battery backup, but under the standard workload, all will do fine.

Final Words On Which New MacBook Is The Best?

The debate keeps going as more specifications are studied for both laptops. Most users have voted positively for MacBook Pro 13 in terms of performance, security, and design. However, New MacBook Air stands no less. It gives equally striking features at a comparatively lower price. MacBook Air seems to be a superbly designed, budget-friendly laptop.

For better performance and portability, the demand for MacBook Pro 13 is slightly more than the other models. The 13 inch model for both Air and Pro are more or less with slight differences in memory and graphics. The MacBook Pro 13 is a blend of the version of Air and Pro.


The MacBook Pro 15 stands out the best among the three and is mostly picked by the executives who have a strong budget and want the best performance from their system. MacBook Pro 15 comes with exclusively designed features like a high-speed i7 octa-core processor and 32GB RAM, and a 4TB ROM, and it is mostly picked by the users dealing with intensive workload requiring a high-speed processing and less RAM glitch.

However, MacBook Air is the best option available for users who are searching for a budget-friendly yet efficient and secure computer system with better portability and performance while dealing with the moderate workload or lightweight applications. It also comes with additional color and almost beats the Pro 13 and Pro 15 versions of battery life.