Why is Deep Effect on iPhone Wallpaper Not Working?

Deep Effect on the Wallpaper is a new feature introduced by Apple with the iOS 16 update. It was an attractive effect that brought both object and the clock on the screensaver in a particular way. If you use an image with the object as the wallpaper and get a deep effect on that, the clock will keep behind the object, significantly affecting your phone screen.

However, we learned that the deep effect is not working for some users, who complain that the effect is not happening to the images. This article will check why the deep effect is not working on iPhone wallpapers and how to enable it.

iPhone Deep Effect on Wallpapers

As mentioned above, the deep effect is a special effect that adds an attractive appearance to the wallpaper on your iPhone. To have a deep effect, you need to have a portrait image of a person/object so that the clock on the wallpaper screen can be put deep behind the object/person.

How to Activate the Deep Effect on iPhone Wallpaper

The deep effect on the wallpaper can be activated from the wallpaper setting itself. You can set the wallpaper from the lock screen or the settings apps. Once you select the new image or the photo as your wallpaper from the Apple photos app, click on the 3 dots at the bottom right corner of the screen (wallpaper customization screen with your desired image chosen). Now a small popup will appear with two options.

  • Show Photo in Library
  • Deep Effect

Select the Deep Effect, and you will see that the clock icon will be placed under the object or the person. Note that if the Deep Effect option is disabled and you can’t enable it, you need to troubleshoot.

Why the Deep Effect Not Working on iPhone

In most cases, the deep effect on iPhone may not work, and users think it is due to the issue with the phone or the bug in the deep effect. However, it is not the case.

You should need a compatible image as your wallpaper to activate the Deep Effect. In the deep effect, the object on the image is highlighted, and the clock icon is placed behind the object. However, to understand the object/person within the image, you should use a portrait image with a good background blur.

Once you use an image with good background blur, the object or the person within that will be highlighted and separated from the background. Once the deep effect is applied, it can easily separate the background and the object and place the clock between the object and the blurred background.

In short, if you are not using the correct image with the background blur and object isolation mentioned above, the Deep Effect feature will be disabled, and you can’t add the effect to your wallpaper.

So, always use a good portrait image with enough background blur to activate and enable the Deep Effect on the iPhone Wallpaper customization.

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