iPhone Calling Screen Background Not Changing [Solved]

With the release of the iOS 17, iPhone customization became wider, and as a result, iPhone users got the option to customize the lock screen with widgets, multiple fonts, styles, etc. Also, users can change the Lockscreen wallpapers with different effects too. So, iPhone users got a bunch of customization options with the latest iOS 17.

One great thing with the iPhone 17 calling screen is that you can set a picture, color, or poster as the call screen for each contact and get a full-screen caller ID screen on iOS 17. If you want to set the iOS 17 calling screen, we will cover the same in another article explaining how to set fullscreen caller ID on iOS 17.

iPhone Calling Screen

Along with the changes and the customization, some iPhone users are experiencing a wired issue in which the call screen background of the iPhone is not changing even after changing the wallpaper. As you know, the calling screen background on the iPhone will be the exact image you set as the wallpaper. iPhone automatically shows the blurred version of the active Home Screen wallpaper as the call screen background.

What is Call Screen Background?

A Call Screen background is the image visible while you make and receive a call. While making and receiving calls, you will see a screen with Caller details and some button options like call mute, speaker, dialed, etc. That screen is known as the call screen or the calling screen.

iPhone Call Screen Background Not Changing After Wallpaper Change

As mentioned, the iPhone sets the current active wallpaper as the call screen background. But for some users, the issue is caused in such a way that the call screen background is not changing even after changing the wallpaper. The can screen background will remain the same as some previous wallpaper.

So, in this article, we will check how to fix the call screen background not changing issue on iPhone. However, Apple introduced iOS 17 with many changes, including a major update to the Apple Phone app with a custom iPhone Calling Screen for each contact.

How to Fix Call Screen Background Issue on iPhone?

On an iPhone, we can change the wallpaper in multiple ways. We can change the wallpaper by opening the photos app and setting any image as the wallpaper directly from there; we can set the wallpaper by opening the settings app and then by using the wallpaper option. Finally, iOS 16 and 17 offer lock screen customization from the lock screen window so that you can change the wallpaper from the lock screen.

Reason For Call Screen Background Issue

The main issue we can see is a bug within the system, which is causing the problem. But the strange thing is that the issue is not always happening in all options. As said before, we can see multiple ways to change the wallpaper on an iPhone; the problem mainly happens once one tries to change the wallpaper from the lock screen and by opening the settings app. The wallpaper and lock screen image will vary; however, the call screen background won’t change.

Solution to Fix the Call Screen Background Issue?

Since the issue is seen while changing the wallpaper from the settings and the lock screen window, the best option to fix the issue is changing the wallpaper from the photo gallery app. While changing the wallpaper from the photos app, the issue won’t pop up, and the lock screen and the calling background will also be updated. In short, the calling screen on the iPhone automatically gets changed when you change the iPhone home screen.

To Change the Wallpaper from the Photo app, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open any image you wish to set as the wallpaper and the call screen background.

Step 3: Tap the share icon at the bottom left corner.


Step 4: Scroll down, and you will see an option called Use as Wallpaper.


Step 5: Finally, you will see the lock screen customization page. Then click Done at the top right corner.


Done, the new image will be set as your wallpaper, and at the same time, the calling screen will also be updated with your new wallpaper.

At any time in the future, if you wish to update the wallpaper and the call screen background, you can do the exact step by using the photos app. Changing the wallpaper from the lock screen and the settings app will only change the lock screen image and the wallpaper, not the call screen background.

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