Microsoft Word is the most widely used document creation software for most platforms, including Windows Mac. Even Mac users prefer using MS Word rather than the Apple Pages App. So, MS Word is always the first preference when discussing Document creating software.

How to Rotate Page on MS Word

This article will check How to Rotate Page on Microsoft Word. In some cases, while preparing a Word document, we need to change the page layout to the opposite way to make it more useful. While printing specific charts prepared with Microsoft Word, the orientation in the landscape mode will be more suitable.

By default, while drafting a Word document with Microsoft Word, the orientation or the page layout will be in Portrait mode, and if you wish to change the orientation to landscape mode, follow the below steps, and you can easily rotate Microsoft Word Pages.

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Word Document.

Step 2: Start a new Page or edit any existing document.

Step 3: Now click on the Layout option at the top of the Window.


Step 4: Now click on the Orientation. You will see two options, “Portrait” and “Landscape”.


Step 5: The layout will default be in Portrait Orientation. Click on Landscape.


Step 6: The layout will be changed to another orientation.


If the Page is in Portrait mode, it will be rotated to landscape mode. Similarly, you can follow the above steps to rotate the Page on Microsoft Word from Landscape to Portrait.

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