Frankly, the clue is already in the name: PDF editors are designed for editing PDF files. Word, on the other hand, is for creating text documents.

However, there are occasions when Word can edit PDFs. After all, Word can also create a PDF file. But overall, the best way to edit a PDF is to use a PDF editor.

BTW, you don’t have to agree with our conclusion now. By the end of this article, you will!

How Does Word Edit PDFs?

Word is not the conventional tool for editing PDFs. As a result, the process can be lengthier than usual. Also, Word can’t edit all types of PDFs. It can only edit the files created with Word: text-converted PDFs.

But how can you know if a PDF is editable with Word?

  • Open the PDF file with a reader.
  • Try to see if you can select some texts on the screen
  • If step 2 was possible, such a PDF has a text layer and can be edited. Otherwise, look for a PDF editor.

Let’s see the different ways you can edit a PDF using Word.

  • Open the PDF file with Word instead of a reader. It will automatically be in an editable format.
  • However, you might lose the original structure of the article.
  • If you have the original doc file on your computer, edit it and save it as a PDF.
  • Lastly, get a PDF-Doc converter. Use the tool to convert your PDF files to doc. Now, edit the latter with Word.

How Do PDF Editors Edit PDFs?

By design, PDF editors don’t take too long to edit PDFs – unlike Word. More importantly, they have more features than just editing.

A PDF editor can merge different files into a PDF (images and text). Also, you can compare files and add notes. And say you’d like to create a PDF file from scratch – a PDF editor can still help.

That said, let’s discuss how PDF editors work.

  • You can use PDF editors as apps on your PC or smartphone. And if you don’t want to download an app, you can use the tools online.
  • You’d have to pay for a subscription. To get the cheapest deal, use the online PDF editor.
  • Using any PDF editor is straightforward, open the tool (or visit the site), and upload your file. Implement the changes you want, then download the edited work.

Word Vs. PDF Editors: Which Is Best For Editing PDFs?


Glaringly, PDF editors are the most convenient for editing PDFs. And depending on the select editor, even a 5th grader can edit their PDFs without a manual.

Editing your PDF with Word, on the other hand, is not straightforward. The processes are not technical but can be time-consuming.

Winner: PDF editors


Word can only create and edit PDFs (to a degree). That’s about everything it can do as regards PDF.

Unlike Word, PDF editors can make any tweak to PDFs. They can create PDFs from scratch, merge, compare, and annotate them. Also, PDF editors can convert PDFs to other readable formats.

Winner: PDF editors


Word is not primarily designed for editing PDFs. As a result, the edited file might be disjointed in the end – that’s if the file is editable.

With PDF editors, on the other hand, you won’t experience such episodes. Your PDF will maintain its structure, and the result will be as good as the original.

Winner: PDF editors


Often, Word is free to use – unless you bought the enterprise package for business. Either way, Word (to a great extent) is free. However, the freemium has nothing to do with editing your PDF file. How so?

Yes, Word can edit text-converted PDFs. But that’s all about what it can do. And unfortunately, that’s not enough.

Unlike Word, there are no free PDF editors. If you see a tool posed as a free PDF editor, it’s clickbait. But while PDF editors are not free, they are not exactly expensive. Besides, you can enjoy the features of a PDF editor for a limited free trial period.

Pro tip: Use Online PDF editors – they are incredibly adorable.

Winner: Word


Please, don’t misinterpret the reliability here. We meant it as if Word or PDF Editors could fulfill their promise of editing PDFs.

Let’s start with Word. Can it edit PDFs?
Word was never advertised as a PDF editor – to be fair. So, that it even edits (to a degree) a document designed not to be edited is a plus.

Nevertheless, you can’t rely on Word to edit all PDF files – especially the types created from scanned items or with lots of graphics.

What about PDF editors?

PDF editors are created to edit the editable. While you still have to pick the right editor, these tools are generally reliable for editing PDFs.

About picking the right PDF editor, know this: A random PDF editor doesn’t edit your PDF file. Instead, it adds a new layer on your document for you to write on (i.e., whitewashing). That’s not editing!

The right PDF editor performs the TRUE editing. You can delete text, make them longer, crop images, or remove them.

Winner: PDF editors (but must be the right type)

Now – do you agree that PDF editors are better than Word for editing PDFs?


PDF editors are better than Word for editing PDFs. Since they (PDF editors) were created for that specific function, they are reliable. However, ensure you pick the best PDF editors for the best results.

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