Safe and Secure way to make Payment in Google Playstore

Now a days paid app and paid services are used by lot of people, in Google Playstore also, there are so many applications which are paid and even in free application there are in-app purchase in which we can buy something within the app. For all these features and services google uses their own Google Wallet payment system. Here comes the issue, majority of the debit cards in India will not allow Google Payment. You can check whether your card support or not.

If it is not supported by your card, you can check my previous article which describes what are the alternative way to make payments. For those who’s card support google payment can go forward with their card to make payments.

What i am going to explain in this article is a more safe and secure way to make payment. As you know, for google payment system, they will store your card details in their system. However, Google uses a safe and encrypted database system to save all the card details, some people still now willing to provide their card details to online system. So we have a way to make this thing safe and secure.

For this thing, what we need is.

1. An Entropay Virtual Prepaid Card. (check how to get an Entropay Virtual Prepaid Card)
2. A FreeCharge Go Virtual Prepaid Card. (check how to get an FreeCharge Go Virtual Prepaid Card)

If you have both this card, we can do the payment.

Step 1. If you want to make payment in google, say $10, First goto your Freecharge account and load some money to your FreeCharge account using net banking or anything. here we are making a payment for $10, so we need to load $12 ie around Rs.800/-.

Step 2. Now in your entropay account, add your FreeCharge Go card details to load money in to your Entropay card.

Step 3. Go to Google Playstore account, and in payment section, select Debit/Credit card and add your entropay card details their. Now the payment will be done using the Entropay Card.

So in conclusion, what happening here is, your Google payment was done by your Entropay Virtual Card, and your Entropay Card is paid by your FreeCharge Go virtual Card. In short, all the payments by Virtual cards. You are directly using your bank account/physical card in the first step to load money in FreeCharge account only.

One problem some people will notice is that, they need to go each account and which will take time, so if you pefer direct payment with your card, go for it, if you need more security, then go for this option.

Note : Even if we are making a payment of $10, we are loading $12 or more because, as you know, entropay will charge you 4.95% as a fee if you load money to account, so for loading $10, they will charge you $0.50 as fee. Also, when you add your entropay card to Google account, google will take $1 from you account, just to verify your account have enough balance, that $1 will credited back to your card later. So total $1.5 will need additional, so that we are adding a minimum of $12 to your account, i recommend you to add some more cash in advance, since the exchange rate will be different in all the time. Here i explained with minimum amount.

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