Entropay – Free Virtual Credit Card for Online Transaction

Most people are worried about using their bank cards for online payment because of security issues; in some cases, some people cannot use their cards for international transactions due to security features in their cards as the financial institutions impose limitations and restrictions in the usage of money and card.

The best example is the Indian Debit card. If you are from India, you can’t use most Indian Debit Cards for International transactions. It is a big problem for most people because we cannot use these cards for Google Payment.

The best solution to that problem was the Entropay free virtual credit card, which works exactly like a real credit card and is available and can be used worldwide. Unfortunately, the Entroay service was discontinued, and if you check the entropay.com website, current information about the company is only available. To replace Entropay, we have several other options available as the best alternative for Entropay.

Entropay Offers Free Virtual Credit Card

We have a good and safe solution for this issue. Entropay, a prepaid virtual visa card, is called Entropay Virtual Credit Card. It is easy to create a free Entropay card, and we can use the free virtual visa card for all Online International transactions, including Google Wallet Payment, Play Store, etc.

It is free to create an account, and they will charge you a fee for loading the amount to the card, which is comparatively higher. Still, we can accept it for our needs, enjoy Entropay’s free virtual credit card, and do all the transactions safely and securely.

Entropy Discontinued

In 2019, Entropay discontinued the service, and you won’t get a free virtual credit card from them now. If you visit the official website entropay.com, you will see the service stoppage message. However, PayPal introduced a PayPal prepaid MasterCard service, which can be considered the best alternative for Entropay.

Steps to Create an account and to get an Entropay Free Virtual Prepaid Card

Step 1: Go to Entropay Website: entropay.com

< strong>Step 2: Click on the Sign Up Now button and create an account by entering your details.


Step 3: After the signup process, you can reach the dashboard, see a Tab named Create Virtual Card, click on that, and create a card for you with a name. Note that you can view the card after creating a card, but you cannot see the card number and details.

The card number, CVV code, and expiry details are only visible after loading money into the card. Also, note that you can create only one card in a free account. If you need more cards, you have to upgrade your plan. You can change the card name at any time.


Step 4: Now, you must load money into your card to start using the card for your Online Transactions. First, you must add a debit or credit card to the account. Then, click on the top-up card option and select the Debit/Credit card option. Of course, you can also use direct bank transfers if needed. But the easiest way is card payment. Here, you can use your valid local debit or creidt card. e.g., Any Indian Debit cards.

You must enter the card number, expiry date, and CVC/CVV code. Then, you can pay $5 to $300 at a time and enter the amount you would like to use. Please note that as an International card, it uses the Dollar as currency by default. If you would like to change it, you can change the currency, but since it is not dedicated to India, you cannot choose INR, so it is better to leave it as a Dollar.

After entering the details, Click on the Confirm Details button.


Step 5: You will see the final confirmation page, where you can see details, your amount and fee, etc. As we told you earlier, they will charge you 4.95% of your top-up amount. i.e., if you are doing a top-up of $5, they will charge you 4.95% of $5, which is $0.25. So you have to pay a total of $5.25.


You can click the Top-up virtual Card button to activate your card now if you verified the details. You also note that your bank will charge a currency conversion charge since you use a different currency holding card for a dollar card. Therefore, it may vary with banks.

Now, you can use the Virtual Prepaid Card for Payments, including Google.

Since Entropay is unavailable, How do I get a free virtual credit card?

There is no doubt that Entropay was such a fantastic service that helped users worldwide. The virtual credit card offered by Entropay was accepted globally on almost all websites and apps, which put the service at the top.

Unfortunately, Entropay stopped two years back, and there isn’t an exact replacement that we can use globally. Some services are available, but most are limited to specific countries except Airtm. Airtm is new to the market and has a global reach, which can be considered an excellent replacement for Entropay.

Frequently Asked Questions

The few frequently asked questions are regarding Entropay and its free virtual credit card.

Is EntroPay available now?

No, as mentioned above, the Entropay service is not available now. The company stopped its service in 2019, so you cannot sign up or join Entropay now in 2024.

Can I use my existing EntroPay card now?

The company offered to withdraw and use any pending amount on the card a few months after the shutdown. But now, it is over three years, so there is no way to use any unused balance on the EntroPay card if you have one.

Is PayPal Mastercard a Good Alternative for Entropay?

A PayPal master card is a prepaid card; you can use it as an alternative to EntroPay. Since PayPal is a reliable platform, you can use a prepaid card like the EntroPay card. However, the PayPal master card is only available to US customers. The PayPal MasterCard won’t be available if you are not from the United States.

Was Entropay Legit?

Yes, Entropay was legit and was officially available during the time. So anyone can create an account and have a virtual credit card without limitation. However, since the service is no longer available and officially closed, the point of checking whether entropy is legit or not is relevant. However, we can say that Entropay was legitimate and trustworthy.

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