The Nikon D3400 is a great entry-level camera with lot of features that helps you to take photographs without any difficulty. The installation and settings are quite easy but most of the people doesn`t know how to do it. Here i am explaining the basic steps to setting up the camera  ready for taking photographs. These are the basic and simple  steps for setting up the camera.

Attach the camera strap.

Attach the strap securely to the two camera eyelets.

Charge the Battery.

Connect the  adapter to the power plug and insert the battery and plug the charger in. The battery will fully charged in about 1 hour 50 minutes.

Insert the Battery and a Memory Card.

Insert the battery by keeping the orange battery latch pressed to one side. The latch locks the battery properly when the battery is fully inserted.  Whenever you are inserting or removing battery or memory card make sure that the power switch is turned OFF.  Insert the memory card by holding it in the orientation, slide it in until it clicks into place.

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Attach a Lens.

There is a chance of entering dust in the camera when the lens or body cap is removed. So be careful about it.  First remove the camera body cap and then remove the rear lens cap.  You can see a mounting mark on the camera as well as on the lens. Properly align the mounting mark of the camera and the lens and rotate the lens until it clicks into place.  Please remember to remove the lens cap before taking pictures. Now, the external set up of the camera is over and next we are going  to discuss about the camera options and how to set it.

Before starting the camera options, install the SnapBridge app and enable Bluetooth on your smartphone or laptop. Now, we can start the camera setup using the following steps.

  1. Turn the Camera on – When we turn on the camera, we will get a language-selection dialog box.  Here we can choose the language using the multi selector  and OK button.  Choose the suitable language and press OK to select. We can change the language once selected using the Language option in the setup menu.
  2. Press MENU button – When we press the MENU button we will get a dialog box. Here we can set the camera clock.
  3. Set the camera clock – We can set the camera clock using multi selector and OK button.  Here, we can set the time zone and date format. Press OK button after completing each step.

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After doing all these things, we have to focus the ViewFinder.  Then only the camera will be ready for use.  The focusing can be done after removing the  lens cap. Now, rotate the diopter adjustment control until the focus points are in sharp focus. If the focusing is over, the camera will be ready for use.

How to take Photographs using Nikon D3400

Now the camera is ready for taking photographs.  The next thing is how we take photos using the camera. I will explain this also through simple steps.

  1. Rotate the mode dial – In the camera, automatic point-and-shoot modes are available and by rotating the mode dial, we can choose the mode that we want. We can frame the photographs in two ways: in the viewfinder or in the monitor.  Frame the photograph in the monitor means Live view.  If we need live view, press the Lv button.
  2. Ready the Camera – As we mentioned above, two ways we can frame the photographs- in the viewfinder or in the monitor.  When we framing the photographs in viewfinder or in monitor, hold the handgrip in your right hand and hold gently the camera body or lens with your left.
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  4. Focusing  the object – Before focusing, rotate the zoom ring to adjust the focal length. We can select larger focal lengths to zoom in  and shorter focal lengths to zoom out. Now press the shutter-release button to focus.  In viewfinder photography, when the focusing is complete, a beep will sound and the in-focus indicator will appear in the viewfinder.  In Live view, the focus point flashes green when the camera focuses.  If the camera is able to focus, the focus point will be displayed in green  otherwise in red.
  5. Shoot – After focusing the object  press the shutter-release button down  to take the photograph.  The photograph will be displayed in the monitor for a few seconds.  If you want to end the Live view, press the Lv button.

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