Google Chrome is the default browser for the majority of internet users now. There is no doubt that chrome is amazing and feature-rich. The chrome browser is rich in features and supports all the new and old scripts that make it a favorite for internet users and most time even we don’t have to look for a chrome alternative too.

There are so many customizations available in the Chrome browser that we can access from the settings. However, due to many features, finding each setting by clicking each item might be time-consuming and confusing.

Here we are listing some of the important chrome settings and let you know how to access them easily from the browser URL itself.

Important Chrome Settings

Here we are listing the direct browser URL for each chrome settings. You can copy those URLs to the chrome browser’s address bar and hit the enter button to access that particular settings.

Chrome Settings

You can access the main settings page of Google Chrome by using the below URL.


Chrome Passwords

You can manage all the saved passwords on the password settings page of Google Chrome. It can be accessed using the URL.


Privacy and Security Settings

To access the privacy and security page, use the following URL.


Clear Browsing Data

To clear browser history, cache, etc., use the URL.


Appearance Settings

Modify the appearance by changing the font size and zoom size etc. using the below URL.


Startup Page Settings

To change the startup page settings, use the below URL


Change the Default Search Engine

To change the search engine used in the browser, use the below URL. You can set Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. as your default search engine here.


Manage your chrome profile

Change your chrome profile like image, theme color, etc.


Import Bookmarks

Last time we explained how you could export and import bookmarks in the chrome browser. To import bookmarks, use the URL.


Reset and Cleanup Browser

If you wish to reset all the settings and clear up all the things in the chrome browser, you can do it by accessing the reset page. To do so, use the URL.



The settings listed above are mainly used, and there is some other option that we skipped here. Also, make the necessary changes when needed. Resetting and cleaning the browser can result in clearing all the data.