How to Clear Instagram Cache From iPhone and Android

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms nowadays. At some point, it may be necessary to clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone or Android.

Like Instagram, all the services or apps store the data temporarily on your device to speed up the device and the app. However, the main thing happening is that the app will store the data on your device once you use it. In other words, once you visit and view any Instagram profile, the data of that particular profile will be stored in the cache memory.

The next time when you open the app and tries to view the same Instagram profile, it will load the previously stored data from the local cache to speed up the loading time. Moreover, if there is any change, it will refresh the content in the background. Thus, it will improve the user experience, as the user needs not wait until all the new updates get loaded.

Why we need to clear Instagram Cache?

Yes, we need to clear the Instagram cache in some cases. For example, if the cached data increases, it might slow down the device if the memory is limited. Also, sometimes you may find the app gets laggy too. In that case, clearing the Instagram cache may help you speed up your device and Instagram app.

How to Clear Instagram Cache From the iPhone?

One main issue is that we cannot clear the data alone on iPhone and iPad if you are looking to clear the Instagram cache from iPhone without deleting the app. Sorry to say that it is not possible now. To clear the cache and app data on your iPhone, you need to Offload the app or delete the app from your device. We covered the steps to clear the cache on iPhone in our detailed article, which you can check.

The only way available is to delete/ remove the Instagram app from your iPhone and reinstall it.

Step 1: Go to the settings section on your iPhone.

Step 2: In the settings area, click on the General Settings option.

Step 3: There, you can find iPhone Storage.

Step 4: Inside the Storage section, you will find all the installed apps and their storage usage. Fine Instagram and delete the app from your phone.

It will delete all the locally stored data.

Step 5: Reinstall the Instagram app and start using it without any issue.

You can do the same again after a few months or when the app is loading slowly. It will clear the Instagram cache and increase the performance.

Alternatively, you can remove the Instagram App from the iPhone from the home screen or the App library itself rather than going into the settings page. First, find the Instagram app on your iPhone home screen, press and hold the Instagram App icon for 3 seconds. Now you will get app settings opinions that contain an option called Remove App with a “-” sign.

Click on that minus sign, and you will be prompted with a confirmation screen saying Remove “Instagram”. Now tap on the Delete App option, and it will remove the Instagram app from your iPhone.

Note: We can clear the app data on Android without uninstalling the app. This helps clear the cache and data without deleting the app from the phone. However, on iPhone, we don’t have such an option. Therefore, the only option to clear the Instagram Cache is completely removing or deleting the app.

Another opinion available on iPhone is to Offload the App, but Offloading won’t clear the data. So the best way for iPhone to clear the Instagram Cache is to remove the app and install it again from the App store.

How to Clear Cache on Instagram From Android?

On Android, clearing Instagram cache is much easier when compared to iPhone. On Android, we can clear the Instagram cache even without uninstalling the app.

To Clear Instagram Cache on Android, follow the steps.

Step 1: Open the setting on your Android device.

Step 2: From the settings, find the ‘Apps’ section.

Step 3: In the apps list, find the Instagram App.

Step 4: Click on Instagram app.

Step 5: On the detail page, you can see two options.

  • Clear Data
  • Clear Cache

Click on the Clear Cache option, and it will clear all the locally stored Instagram cache data (It will not delete any other data, including login details).

Note that it will clear all the Instagram data, including login details, if you click on Clear Data. So, in this case, you need to log in to the Instagram account again.

Clearing Instagram Cache on iPhone and Android is Neccesary?

It is not necessary to clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone or your Android device. Cache on Instagram is an essential factor that improves the Instagram experience. Once you load any photo or post on Instagram, the app will save them in the device cache. So next time you check the same post or the image, the Instagram cache saved on your iPhone and Android plays a crucial role in loading the item quickly.

Rather than fetching the data from the live server, it takes it from the cache data on your iPhone and Android. So, it is a helpful feature. However, when time passes, the cache on your Android and iPhone devices increases, making your device too. So, clearing the iPhone cache or Android cache is also good for improving your device performance. However, please note that, once the Instagram cache is cleared, the very next time you visit a previously visited Instagram profile or Instagram story page of a user. It will take a few seconds to load them completely.

Is it possible to clear the Instagram Cache without deleting the app?

On Android, we can clear the cache and the data separately without even uninstalling the app. The same is applicable in the case of the Instagram app too. However, on iPhones and iPad, there is no such option available. On iPhone and iPad, you need to delete or remove the app from your device to delete the cache and data.

How to clear the Instagram Cache on Browser?

If you are using Instagram on your browser, all the Instagram cache data are stored within the browser storage itself. In that case, clearing the browser cache will also clear all the Instagram cache. Clearing Instagram Cache on the Browser is the same for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

How to clear the Instagram Cache on Mac?

There is no dedicated Instagram App for Apple Mac, and On the Mac machine, you can check the Instagram account via a browser, and here too, clearing the browser cache will remove all the Instagram cache. If you are using the imported Instagram app from the iPhone to your mac using a third-party application like iMazing, you can follow the same steps to clear the Instagram cache for iPhone above.

How to Clear Cache on Instagram From Windows?

As we saw on Mac, there is no dedicated windows app for Instagram. On Windows, we can check the Instagram posts via browser. So, to clear the Instagram cache on windows, you need to clear the browser cache, whatever browser you are using. Whether it is Google Chrome, Firefox, or even edge.

Even though we can check the Instagram posts on a browser, post on Instagram, and experience the seamless Instagram experience, the best way is to use the official Instagram app on iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Does Instagram Cache Slow Down the Android or iPhone?

Directly, the cache on your Android or iOS device won’t slow down your mobile. The cache is used to speed up the loading time, thus increasing the performance. However, if your mobile is running out of memory, any cache can slow down the device, including the Instagram cache. If that is the case, you can clear the Instagram cache on your mobile.

No Instagram Cache Clearing option on iPhone?

On iPhone, there won’t be any cache clearing option for apps. In that case, you need to delete the app to remove the Instagram cache. However, cache clearing is available on Android without deleting or uninstalling the Instagram App.

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