Why is Facebook So Slow to Load on Mobile and Browser

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and there is no need for more explanation here. The social media platform is the favorite place for all entertainment, fun, and informative content these days.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19, people began to use the platform mainly for information and news. It also helped to spread awareness among the people during the period. Government organizations are also using Facebook largely for all the announcements these days.

The platform you are using for all the day-to-day activities is Facebook, and it is loading so slow even on a good internet connection. How about that? You may find it annoying when searching for some information, and you are not getting that. Yes, Some people complain that Facebook is so slow to load on the mobile and the desktop.

Here we are looking into the slow loading facebook issue and pointing out the possible reasons for the slow facebook loading and its solutions.

Why is Facebook so slow to load?

Slow loading for Facebook on PC or mobile can happen due to multiple reasons. So following are some of the common issues that can cause the slow down of Facebook and the solutions for fixing the slow Facebook issue.

Reason and Solutions for Slow Loading Facebook

Internet Connection: Internet connection is a significant and primary factor that can cause slow loading to any service, including Facebook. Check the internet speed using any free internet speed testing tool. If you find the internet speed is slow, contact the service provider to fix the issue.

Browser Cookie: If you are using Facebook on a PC or Laptop, the browser cookie can sometimes cause a slow loading issue. In addition, if the cookie data is corrupted, you may face problems in loading certain websites. Clear the browser cookie and check the issue got resolved or not.

Issues with unwanted browser extensions: Sometimes, you have installed multiple browser extensions for some other needs. In some instances, the third-party browser extension can cause some conflict and may slow down Facebook. Check for the extensions and disable them one by one to see which extension is slowing down Facebook.

Issues With Third-party Apps: If you face a slow loading issue on the mobile, It can be due to some third-party apps on the phone. Some applications can cause the use of more system resources and can slow down the device. It inturns can slowdown the Facebook too. Uninstall all the unwanted applications from the phone in that case.

An issue with the ISP and Geo-restrictions: Sometimes, server connectivity can cause slow loading. Since the server of Facebook is located on somewhere else, the region you are residing is far and sometimes face problem in connecting to the server. In that case, you can use any good VPN service and choose locations like the US or UK. It can also help you to connect to the Facebook server fast.

These are the main reasons and the solutions for the slow Facebook loading issue. Try them one by one and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Update: On October 4th, 2021, Facebook services went down in most regions, and all the services, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., are down for hours. The issue is happening in multiple areas, and it is there even after an hour.

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