Why is Facebook Slow to Load on Mobile and Browser

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and there is no need for more explanation here. The social media platform is the favorite place for all entertainment, fun, and informative content. However, in some cases, Facebook is slow to load even on a broadband connection. If you face a problem like the Facebook slow loading issue, you might get frustrated too.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, people began to use the platform mainly for information and news. It also helped to spread awareness among the people during the period. Government organizations are also using Facebook mainly for all announcements these days.

The platform you use for all your day-to-day activities is Facebook, which is loading so slowly even on a good internet connection. How about that? You may find it annoying when searching for some information and not getting that. Some complain that Facebook is so slow to load on mobile and desktop.

Here we are looking into the slow loading of the Facebook issue and pointing out the possible reasons for the slow Facebook loading and its solutions. However, before proceeding further, you need to know that some users are using the Facebook Lite version to speed up and save memory on the phone.

Why is Facebook Slow to Load?

Is Facebook slow on your mobile and desktop? We will check why Facebook is slow to load even with a good conenction. Slow loading for Facebook on PC or mobile can happen for multiple reasons. So following are some common issues that can cause the slow down of Facebook and the solutions for fixing the slow Facebook issue.

Reason and Solutions for Slow Loading Facebook

Internet Connection: Internet connection is a significant and primary factor that can cause slow loading to any service, including Facebook. Check the internet speed using any free internet speed testing tool. Contact the service provider to fix the issue if the internet speed is slow.

Browser Cookie: If you use Facebook on a PC or Laptop, the browser cookie can sometimes cause a slow loading issue. In addition, if the cookie data is corrupted, you may face problems loading certain websites. Clear the browser cookie and check whether the issue got resolved or not.

Issues with unwanted browser extensions: Sometimes, you have installed multiple browser extensions for some other needs. The third-party browser extension can cause conflict and sometimes slow down Facebook. Check for the extensions and disable them to see which extension slows down Facebook.

Issues With Third-party Apps: If you face a slow loading issue on the mobile, It can be due to some third-party apps on the phone. Some applications can cause more system resources and can slow down the device. It can slow down Facebook too. Uninstall all the unwanted applications from the phone in that case.

An issue with the ISP and Geo-restrictions: Sometimes, server connectivity can cause slow loading. Since the server of Facebook is located somewhere else, the region you reside in is far, and you sometimes face problems connecting to the server. In that case, you can use any good VPN service and choose locations like the US or UK. It can also help you to connect to the Facebook server fast.

These are the main reasons and the solutions for the slow Facebook loading issue. Try them one by one and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Fix Facebook Slow issue on iPhone and Android

If your Facebook app is loading slowly on your iPhone or Android, make sure to check whether you are using the latest version of the app. Head over to the App Store or Play Store and check for updates. If any updates are pending, you need to update your Facebook app.

The best option is to use the latest version to clear the Facebook cache and Data. Unfortunately, we don’t have the option to clear the Facebook Cache and data on iPhone. You need to remove the Facebook app and install it again from the App Store. On Android, you can open the app section from the settings and clear the cache and data for the Facebook app.

After that, you need to log in to the Facebook app again with your credentials, and you probably may not find any slow-loading issues on Facebook.

Facebook Slow Due to Other Third-Party Apps?

As mentioned, some third-party applications can slow down other applications like Facebook. Since Facebook is compatible with heavy applications, other apps that are not optimized can cause some slow-down issues. In that case, you can uninstall all other apps that you may not find it using all day. You should uninstall less essential apps. It can free up space on your mobile and might solve the laggy Facebook issue.

Why is Facebook so slow Even After Uninstalling Other Apps?

Even if, after uninstalling the unwanted application, the issue still exists? Then the best option is to format the mobile. Take a complete backup of your mobile and do a reset. Once done, you can install all the needed applications, including Facebook. This will increase the speed of the Facebook app, and you won’t find any slow-loading Facebook issues. The full format of the device will clear all the junk data from your mobile and thus will improve the performance.

Does the Facebook Lite App can fix the Slow Facebook Issue?

Facebook-like is also a web app that has a minimal size. The only benefit of using the Facebook Lite app over the regular Facebook app is that you can save some memory on your phone. The app size of the Facebook Lite app is significantly less than the normal one. However, the content loaded on the Lite version of the Facebook app is a web-based page. So, if the main website of Facebook is loading slowly, then Facebook Lite also will load slowly. Here the only benefit is to save some phone storage space.

Is it recommended to use Third-party Facebook App?

If you want to fix the Facebook Slow loading issue, using any third-party apps is not recommended. The fact is that those apps are only taking the Facebook data within that app. If the main Facebook website, app, and Facebook server is slow, then that third-party app can’t do anything better. Furthermore, Definity, those apps will also go down.

5 thoughts on “Why is Facebook Slow to Load on Mobile and Browser”

  1. This explanation didn’t solve anything. If I’m using the Facebook app on my Galaxy Note 10+5G it runs slow on WiFi.
    Explanation: This mostly happened when I tap on comments. It takes 30 to 60 seconds for the comments to pop up. If I turn off WiFi and use mobile internet, it moves instantly. If I use Chrome on my phone, Facebook runs fine on my WiFi. I have CenturyLink gigabit. (Which is actually 940mbps not 1024gbps) On all of my windows PCs Facebook runs fast in all web browsers. It seems to be the Android app.

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Sorry to hear that the steps didn’t help you resolve the issue. We will try to recreate your scenario to find a solution. Thank you for letting us know.

  2. It’s something specific to FB, not internet connections. It is uniquely slow these days and has common periods of not loading content at all. I’ve noticed this happening progressively over the last 6 months or so. It happens on multiple platforms, multiple connections and multiple devices.
    I would say Zuckerberg is no longer investing in servers or system improvements as the focus of the company is now on other things.
    I remember the same thing happening to MySapce all those years ago.
    TBH people are better moving to other plaforms like Discord.

    • Hi Gark, that was strange. May I know in which country you are experiencing the issue. We saw these issues occasionally. However, if you are experiencing the same regularly, that needs to be checked further.

  3. Having trouble with SLOW upload of Facebook and some pictures show and more don’t, very frustrating. Using Firefox and yes I have cleared my cache.


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