QTalk Free WiFi Data Call From Mobile Number Using Android Mobile App

Making phone calls using mobile number is free in India now, as all the telecom service providers are offering free unlimited voice calls to any number within the country. Each telecom company has introduced a number of unlimited plans that suits the user based on their usage.

Now, it’s time for free calls using mobile data or Wifi. VoIP calls that using mobile data or WiFi is already available, however, the new service from QTalk is something different. QTalk is an ultimate Free data calling application with an attractive phone dialer. Let us see the details of QTalk dialer and check the features.

What is the QTalk App?

QTalk is a new phone dialer cum free data or wifi calling application that will replace the default phone dialer of your Android mobile. The application will replace the stock dialer with a minimal screen with a clean and ad-free interface. Apart from the dialer, the application also provides free data calls to any number within the country. The receiver will see your real mobile number while receiving the calls. Hence, the free data call will replace your normal voice calls on the mobile.

Features of QTalk Mobile App

As mentioned above, QTalk can be used as the default dialer on your mobile. Once installed, the application will ask you to set QTalk as the default dialer. You can set it as default or leave it there and keep QTalk as the secondary dialer. You can also set it as the default dialer at any time from the phone settings.

To do so, go to the setting option on your mobile, and click on the application settings. Inside the application settings, you can see the default app settings option. There you can see Calls/Phone option, with the default selected app. Click on it and choose QTalk as the default option. Done, now QTalk will be the default dialer for your mobile.

If you didn’t set QTalk as the default dialer, then also you can use the application as the secondary calling application. Click on the QTalk app icon from the app drawer and start your free calls from there.

QTalk Free Data and WiFi calling

QTalk provides free data calling option apart from the phone dialer. In order to use the free calling feature, the user needs to register their mobile number with QTalk using OTP method. Once registered, the free data or wifi calling will be enabled and users can make free unlimited calls to any Indian number using mobile data or Wifi. The receiver will see your mobile number while receiving the call. Hence they will think that it is a normal mobile call.

All the mobile operators are providing free unlimited voice calls with all the unlimited plans, hence one may think about the use of free data call. Now, we have an option. If you are using two SIM cards on your mobile, then most probably you might recharge one SIM with unlimited plans whereas the other SIM might be kept idle to receive only incoming calls. In that case, use your secondary, non-recharging mobile number to register with QTalk. So, the calls from the QTalk application will be made using the secondary number. In this way, you can keep calling using both numbers, even if you don’t have an active calling plan on the mobile number.

Once you try to initiate a call from QTalk, two options will be promoted, Data Call and Phone call option, If you prefer to make the call from the SIM itself, choose Phone Call option, so that the calls will be made from the mobile number itself, rather than using data.

Limitations of QTalk

From our experience, we love to use the service, however, we noticed a few issues also.

  1. Once you set QTalk as the default dialer, and you are using two SIM cards on your mobile, you cannot identify the incoming call is towards which SIM. QTalk, will not how the SIM name while making and receiving calls. So, we don’t recommend to use QTalk as default dialer if you are using two SIM cards.
  2. For some Huawei mobile, we noticed that the call timer is not working properly. But for most other mobiles, there are no such issues.
  3. The application is still in the initial stage, so the data call option stops working sometimes. But these issues might be fixed in the future.
  4. Registration using OTP sometimes won’t work for BSNL numbers. As some BSNL users are not receiving OTP while registering. But this issue is fixed partially now.

But, overall, QTalk is the best application as a replacement for the default dialer as well as for using the unique free data calling feature. Download and install the free QTalk application from the Play Store.

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