How to use Free Virtual Mobile Number for SMS Verification

As the name specifies, virtual numbers are not real or physical numbers like the legacy SIM-based number. Many users prefer to use secondary mobile numbers for social media platforms, external websites, etc.

With virtual numbers’ availability, it became much helpful for privacy and can be used seamlessly as normal SIM-based mobile numbers.

What are Virtual Numbers

As mentioned above, Virtual mobile numbers are SIM less number works with the help of Internet. They are an app-based service that uses VoIP protocol to make and receive calls. There are several Free Virtual mobile numbers provides available.

Use of Virtual Mobile Numbers

Virtual Numbers help you not show your primary number to others or if you are not happy to provide your personal number for social media registration and for some website signup where a mobile number is a mandatory option.

The same virtual number also can be used for SMS verification like WhatsApp verification etc. Here we are listing few best free virtual mobile number services.

Free Virtual Mobile Number for SMS Verification and Voice Calls


TextNow is one of the popular free virtual number providers for the past few years. With TextNow, you will get a free US-based mobile number. You can use the TextNow number for calls and SMS. To make calls, you need to purchase credit. Call rates to international destinations are comparatively cheaper with TextNow.


TextMe is also another service like TextNow that provides a free virtual mobile number to its users. You can use the TextMe number for SMS and voice calls.


TextPlus offers free virtual numbers of your choice. You can use the number as your personal number as long as you wish. The international calling rates with TextPlus are competitive and affordable.

Like 2nd Line, Telos, Dingtone, etc., some other services also provide virtual US numbers for personal use. But those services are charging some amount for mobile numbers apart from the regular calling credits.

Drawbacks of Virtual Mobile Numbers

Along with its positives, there is some drawback also. It is an entirely virtual number. There will be no local support or customer service available with these services. You need to contact them via mobile or website if found any issue.

Another significant issue is that most service providers put some inactivity policy for free virtual numbers. Therefore, to continue using the number, you need to use the number at least once a week. If not, your number will be released and get assigned to other users.

If the number got released, then it will be difficult to get the same number again. Some service providers offer credit-based service to keep the number with you for one year by paying an amount. It can be renewed in the same way for the following years also.

Since the number can be released and assigned to others quickly, it is not recommended to use virtual numbers for any critical use like the job or business-related communications.

Another major disadvantage of the free virtual mobile number is that it may not work for third-party verifications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Rebtel, Google Voice, etc.

Services like WhatsApp, Google Voice, etc., are now using strict policy to filter virtual numbers, so most of the service providers’ numbers may not work.

Free Virtual Number alternative for WhatsApp and Google Voice

From our test result, we can say that some of the low-cost paid services like Numero esim and Hushed works well with WhatsApp verification.

Unfortunately, none of the virtual numbers works for Google Voice. To use Google Voice, you need to have a real US number. Earlier, Google Voice was also working fine with Virtual Numbers, but currently, Google is blocking all the virtual numbers.

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