Social Media Marketing Techniques For More Engagements

Having a social media page for personal or professional use is a very demanding task. Right from knowing about analytics and the latest trends to using a slideshow maker or online editor for your content, it is important to be on the same page with the latest developments.

Amongst all this, it is important to keep one goal in mind- increasing engagement. Here are a few tips you can use to do the same, while still ensuring your content is unique and fresh.

1. Invest in video content

It is no news to anyone handling and managing social media that video content is the most preferred content by any and all viewers. Images work too, but videos gain the highest interaction. On the other hand, written content has started losing the attention of the audience.

On the other hand, having some sort of text alongside your video content is actually a good tool to increase the attention you get from your audiences on a daily basis. Keep these videos short, about one minute or less. If it is absolutely necessary, you can exceed this time frame. But these time limits exist for a reason, given how short everyone’s attention span has become and how a mixture of images and videos can actually help your page.

2. Interact with pages

It is difficult to keep posting new content every day, especially if you want your content to be actually good and catchy. So, you should consider doing other things with your page, like interacting with other similar pages. One of the main reason to do this is to keep up with what other similar pages are doing, while also getting introduced to their own audience.

It is always great for the audience to see some popular brands not only engage in good content but also keep up your interaction with others doing similar work such as yourself. Simply tagging them somewhere in random posts or putting in comments can also do the trick and work well in your favor. It reduces the stringent lines of competition between brands and highlights a friendly environment online.

3. Reposting is key

Just like interacting with other pages, reposting can help too for the same reason that churning out new and funny content every day is not very easy. It requires a lot of time, patience, strategy, ideation, and a beyond perfect social media calendar. However, reposting things that are there can be an easy bet and ensures regular tasteful content going up on your page.

There are a few things you need to be mindful of while reposting. One of the most important ones is to give credit to the actual creator of that post, be it a video or an image. Learning how to create a video on a daily basis is a huge and understandably difficult task. That is when reposting will come to your rescue.

4. Listen to your audience

Posting blindly on social media and only putting out content that you think is good is a misjudgment that can cost you your entire campaign. While posting content, also make sure to listen to your audience. See what they relate to the most, what they like and dislike, and accordingly, draft the rest of your campaign.

It is also a great way to find out if you have gone wrong somewhere. Through comments, direct messages, and reposts, you can make out if your posts are working or not for your audience. This is very important for creators and brands since their whole social media marketing depends on the interactions that they have with their audience, so getting positive feedback from them is essential.

5. Use analytics

A majority of the social media platforms have a great way to analyze your performance and likability in the form of data. Through comprehensive charts and figures, it will show you exactly how many views you have received on what posts and what days.

This can help brands gauge what they should continue doing, what needs to be changed, and on which days they receive maximum engagement. Using analytics is important since you are a brand that has a social media profile for business purposes and not just a regular user who uses social media to pass the time.

Right from Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all these platforms help users determine how well their page is performing. All you need to do is convert into a business profile and enjoy all these amazing features.

6. Collaborate with influencers

Nowadays, a lot of people have stopped trusting brands and started putting their faith in individuals who share their experiences with certain brands and products. These people are popularly known as influencers and can help you put forth your marketing in a better and authentic way.

Paid partnerships between brands and influencers are extremely common, and you can collaborate with them to feature your product or to give your page a shout-out. This will give you a lot of exposure to a younger batch of audience since most adults and teenagers follow one influencer or another. If this demographic makes up your audience, it can be a great way of building your page.

7. Consistency is of utmost importance

The competition on any social media platform is rife and very difficult to withstand. Among all this, it is important not to become bleak with your posting schedule. If your posts are not timely and are extremely inconsistent, it won’t be long before your audience shifts to other forms of entertainment.

Dedicate a special calendar that plans our your social media and makes sure you adhere to it, come what may.


The above tips can help any page at any level of audiences improve their engagement and make it better. It is important throughout all this to maintain authenticity and not plagiarize your content at any cost.

It can be tempting to do this considering how difficult it is to sustain your page, but hang tight and be true to yourself. There are many online tools available to make your job easier.

You can follow blogs and experts who know about social media and use an online video editor to make your content easy to produce. So, start using these tips and watch your brand ace its social media game.

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