Is GB WhatsApp Safe to Use as a WhatsApp Alternative

Many users all around the world are asking the question, is GB WhatsApp App safe to use? WhatsApp is a constantly updating application and there are so many changes that came in between these times. It varies from the features to the privacy. At the same time we can see WhatsApp has introduced lot of feature in this year.

However, there are a large number of people who are still looking for an alternative application for WhatsApp. In that, the most popular name was GB WhatsApp. We can see people are asking questions in the web asking is it safe to use GB WhatsApp, features in GB WhatsApp is an alternative for WhatsApp.

Now, we will answer all these questions. Let us see all the facts in detail.

What is GB WhatsApp and is it an alternative for WhatsApp Official App?

GB WhatsApp is an unofficial modified version of the WhatsApp application and it is used by a large number of people as a WhatsApp alternative. The developers of the application themselves modified the original WhatsApp with some custom functionalities and features.

GB WhatsApp has so many additional features than the original WhatsApp, such as Custom privacy feature, where you can hide your last seen and online status but, still you are able to see others. This feature was not available in Official WhatsApp. The application also provides a custom theme feature, where you can change the look and feel of the WhatsApp as you like.

Why People Are Using GB WhatsApp on their Mobile ?

There are two cases in which people are using GB WhatsApp. The first case is for more features on their WhatsApp account which is still not available in the official application. The second case is to use a 2nd WhatsApp number on the same mobile.

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Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp ?

Still, now we cannot exactly say whether it is safe or not. But we never recommend using this on your mobile. The application is not an official version of the application. It is an only custom modified version of the original WhatsApp. The application was not at all modified and managed by any official firm.

Since any damage or mishaps to the mobile is always the responsibility of the user, you cannot complain to anyone. We are mentioning the possibility only and not claiming that it is dangerous. But the fact is that, since it is not at all scanned and verified by the Google Play store. There is also a chance of being affected by any malicious codes or attacks.

Overall, the GB WhatsApp privacy is a big concern for some users. In that case, also, you will not be able to complain to anyone and if anything happened to the mobile will be your sole responsibility. But hopefully, nothing will happen like that.

What is the official alternative for GB WhatsApp in this case ?

If you are looking to use GB WhatsApp in order to use the second WhatsApp account on the same phone, then there are some good options available. You can download any clone application from the Play Store such as Parallel Space.

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This application simply clones your existing WhatsApp in your phone and you can use 2nd account using the Clone application. The cloned application is not at all the modified version. It is just the same copy of the official application installed on your mobile and it is always safe as the original WhatsApp.

In What case i can use GB WhatsApp ?

If you are still looking for the customized version of the original WhatsApp, then you can go for GB WhatsApp itself. But it will be more secure if you use this application on your secondary phone where you don’t mind privacy. Also, it will be better to avoid using this on a mobile where you have banking applications installed (Just to ensure safety).

Keeping all this mind, we can say that, it is OK to use the application on the mobile if you consider all the above factors. It is also to be noted that, GB WhatsApp will never give you any new functionality that is unavailable in the official version. It is only giving you a customized version of all the existing features. (For example, it will not give you the option to make a group call with more than 4 people)

We never recommend any unofficial version of WhatsApp to be used on the mobile. Always go for the official version. And forget about the customization if possible.

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2 thoughts on “Is GB WhatsApp Safe to Use as a WhatsApp Alternative”

  1. I just want to know, why don’t the original WhatsApp provider just update its version of WhatsApp so that it matches all the same ventures as GB. WhatsApp and Facebook always talk about how they value your privacy. For a multimillion dollar company, I don’t think it can be that hard to do.
    For example, to hide your online status, that is a brilliant idea from GB. If WhatsApp is so up in arms about GB, why don’t they come to the party.
    Me personally, I’m using the original version, but think WhatsApp can really do more to upgrade its version to allow more features like in GB.
    Do they really take the view of their users seriously?


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