Eating good food and exercise daily needs a lot of motivation. Nowadays it has become extremely crucial to take out some time for ourselves because of our daily work schedule. But it is equally important to take care of our body to stay away from unwanted diseases.

Our cell phones can help us in numerous ways to keep us sound. From sleeping applications that guarantee a sound rest to exercise tracker applications, the Play Store has everything. Android cell phones have an extensive variety of sensors that can pass on clever data about our exercises.


Here are the best 2020 fitness and exercise applications that can make you healthy and fit.

1. Runtastic


Runtastic is a phenomenal wellness tracker application for any individual who likes to exercise daily. It utilizes GPS to track your running, strolling, biking, and walking courses. Runtastic will use this information and will create your progress graph to let you see how far you have come. You can likewise utilize the application on a treadmill or other exercise center hardware.

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2. Sworkit

Sworkit is the ideal application for individuals who would prefer not to go to a gym full of people, but would rather do something else to keep themselves and fit and sound. When you pick your objective and let the application recognize what your present wellness level is, you get a six-week program with week by week exercise objectives. You will have the power to choose how much time you would like to devote and Sworkit will acknowledge that.

3. Google fit

google fit

Google Fit is a superb exercise tracker application created by Google. It utilizes sensors to track your movement or the mobile you are using to record your exercises. It will check your speed, pace, course, rise, and so on and demonstrate you with constant details of your running, strolling, and riding patterns. Buy exercise equipment’s by using flipkart promo code.


If you are a gym person, JEFIT will be your new go-to application for exercises, paying little heed to your wellness level. You record your reps and weights—and within excess of 1,300 activities in the application’s database, you’re certain to discover what you’re searching for. While the application itself doesn’t design your schedules or weight loss calculator, you can browse a lot of users created exercises to switch up your commonplace schedule. You can check your fitness result even the bodyweight using any weight loss calculator inorder to adjust your workout.

5. Keelo


It’s difficult to beat the HIIT training circuit when you need to get in a snappy and viable exercise. Keelo takes the full favorable position of the training regiment, giving quickly-paced exercises enduring in the vicinity of seven and 20 minutes which will show its results soon.

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6. Home exercise

Home Workout can enable you to fabricate muscles and remain fit at home without going to the gym. It contains more than 100 detailed recordings and movement guides. Each one of the exercises is outlined by specialists and concentrated on particular parts, for example, abs, chest, legs, and furthermore full-body exercises.

7. Nike + Run club

Nike is an old standby for innumerable competitors around the globe, so it’s nothing unexpected that is has a couple of applications up its sleeve to enable competitors to achieve their maximum capacity. For sprinters, it’s hard to beat the Nike+ Run Club application, which tracks your running record through GPS.
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8. Lose it!

loose it

The Lose It application keeps things basic, and it’s best for the beginners. It has a tremendous nourishment database and separates suppers for breakfast, lunch, supper, and tidbits. It might not be idle for advanced dieters but is definitely good for the beginners.

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9. Guide my wellness Workout Trainer

MapMyFitness enables you to track and guide each exercise and get input and details to enhance your execution. It covers more than 600 unique sorts of exercises, for example, running, cycling, strolling, rec center exercises, yoga, cross-training, and so forth. There is calorie tallying, nourishment, eat fewer carbs arranging, and weight tracking as well.

10. Aaptiv


Aaptiv is a fitness coach that’ll take your exercising routine to a higher level, regardless of where you choose to thump them out. The application includes in excess of 2,500 sound classes, with 15 mentors making new ones every week. No less than 30 classes are added to Aaptiv consistently, and you get boundless use with your membership, so you unquestionably won’t wind up doing likewise exercises again and again.

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