Of late, you can find several file sharing apps for your Android device easily. These file-sharing apps allow you to transfer and share your files with others without any hassle. You can send anything you wish, from photos, documents to large videos with just a few taps. With so many options available for the users, it is really difficult to choose the most secure and reliable file sharing app for your overall needs. Are you are looking for the best and reliable file sharing apps for your Android phone? If yes is your answer, then let’s go through the best 3 file sharing apps for Android right now.


Xender is one of the most famous and widely used file-sharing apps for Android users worldwide. The speed of transferring files is really fast and everything will be done in just a few seconds. You would be able to transfer all types of files without any restrictions for sure. You can also share your documents, music, videos, pictures and apps. There is no need for any network connection, cables and any data usage. It is easy to transfer files to your family members and relatives anywhere and anytime. If you are having any large files to send, then it can be possible by using the Xender file sharing app.

It is available for free and you can download it from Google play store.


SHAREit is an excellent and fastest file sharing app with online feeds including videos, movies, music, GIFs, and wallpapers. It has also launched a powerful media player that allows you to enjoy and manage your own music and videos. This file-sharing app is 200 times faster than Bluetooth and top speed goes to 20M/s. You would be able to transfer your files without losing its great quality for sure. There are millions of people all around the world who prefer only SHAREit when it comes to transferring their vital files and documents. You can also watch your favorite videos in the SHAREit as it includes millions of videos and quality songs both online and offline.

It is also available for free and you can download it from Google play store. Here is the download link


Zapya is also one of the popular file-sharing application which is very easy to use and supports transfer across Android and various other platforms. Do you want to share files without an internet connection? If yes, then you can use Zapya to transfer files from your Android devices and PC without using mobile data or Wi-Fi. It is free to use and also supports 20 languages. The app is fully compatible with any device you have right now. If you are upgrading to a new phone, then you can easily transfer all your files at one from your old phone to the new one.

It is also available for free and you can download it from Google play store. Here is the download link.

So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing right now!

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Published on: Dec 30, 2019