Fix Google Contacts Sync Issue In Android

Sometimes the contact in your Android smartphone will not be updated automatically. Instead, it will show an icon with an exclamation point or give a message saying, “Sync is currently experiencing issues and will be back shortly,” this could be due to a temporary issue. In most cases, sync works again after waiting a few minutes.

If you continue to have issues, try the troubleshooting steps below in order to fix google contacts sync error. After each step, try to sync your Google Account manually to see if your issue has been fixed.

Way to Fix the Contact Sync Issue on Android

Following are the few quick and easy ways to fix the contact sync issue while using Google. So please have a look at each of them.

Manually Sync your Account

  • On your mobile device, open Settings Settings > Accounts > Google.
  • Touch the account whose data you want to sync.
  • In the top-right corner, touch menu More > Sync now.
  • If your device syncs, your issue is fixed. If not, try the next step.

Make sure your internet connection is on (Wifi/Data)

Check for System Updates

  • On your mobile device, open Settings Settings.
  • Under “System,” touch About phone or About tablet > System Updates > Check Now.
  • If a system update is available, touch Install. You might need to restart your device to complete the update. If a system update is not available, the screen will say, “Your system is up to date.”

Remove and Add your Google Account

  • Open the Settings menu Settings on your device.
  • Under “Accounts,” touch the name of the account you want to remove.
  • If you’re using a Google account, touch Google and then the account. Important: When you remove your Google Account, all the email, Contacts, Calendar events, and other data associated with that account will no longer automatically sync with your device.
  • Touch the Menu icon More in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Touch Remove account. If this is the only Google account on the device, you may need to enter your device’s pattern, PIN, or password as a security measure. This ensures that only you or someone you trust is removing the account from your device.

Force Sync Google Contacts on Android

  • On your mobile device, open Settings Settings.
  • Under “System,” touch Date & time.
  • Uncheck Automatic Time Zone and Automatic Time Updates.
  • Manually change the date and time, so they are incorrect.
  • Touch Home Home.
  • Open Settings > Date & time again.
  • Manually change the date and time so that they are both correct again.
  • Check Automatic Time Zone and Automatic Time Updates.

Uninstall Unused and Not Important Apps

Sometimes, other applications that have access to contact can cause syncing issues. So, if you find any less important apps, then try uninstalling them and check whether the sync issue is resolved or not. Unfortunately, it is not easy to see which app is causing the problem. So, the only possible way is to uninstall each app one by one and check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Using Google Contacts Sync App

Earlier, there was an app by Google named Google Contacts Sync, which can force sync the contacts within the phone. If the contacts were not synced properly, the app could fix them. So, you can try this app to fix the contact sync issue. However, it is to be noted that the app is not available in the PlayStore now as the official support of the app is not available. Google stopped the development of the app in January 2021. You can download the same from APK Mirror website.

Clear Cache and Data

  • On your mobile device, open Settings Settings.
  • Under “Device,” touch Storage > Cached data > OK.
  • Touch Back Back.
  • Under the “Device,” touch Apps.
  • Swipe from right to left to get to the “All” section.
  • Scroll down and touch Contacts Storage.
  • Touch Clear data > OK.

Change Google Play settings

  • On your mobile device, open Settings Settings.
  • Under “Accounts,” touch Google.
  • Select the Google account that’s experiencing the sync error.
  • Uncheck the box for Sound Search for Google Play if it’s on the list.
  • At the top right, touch menu More > Sync now.

Note: After doing each step, before going to the next, check whether the sync is working or not by doing the manual sync of the account. Suppose it’s syncing, then there is no need to do further steps.

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  1. Thank you Vipin, for sharing all these possible solutions!

    Whenever I faced any Google account related error, First I tried to remove my Gmail account and re-add it. And in most of the cases, I solved the problem by this trick.

    Once again thanks, for mentioning that trick in your solution list.


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