Facebook-owned company WhatsApp is working on a new security addition to its application. The new feature will block users from taking a screenshot of the individual chats. The WhatsApp screenshot ban will be added as a security feature to provide more privacy for its users. The new feature is still in development and no news about the rollout yet.

But as per the report from WABetaInfo, the company is working on the fingerprint-based authentication for android now. Once the authentication for Android is released, the Screenshot Blocking feature will also be released. Fingerprint authentication feature is already available for IOS users, however, the screenshot blocking feature is not available yet.

How the WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking Works?

As per the report, once the authentication feature is enabled, users need to register their fingerprint with WhatsApp application. Once done with this, they need to authenticate each time when trying to open the application. Also at the same time, when the authentication is enabled, the screenshot taking option will be disabled. This the user cannot take any screenshot from the application.

Even Though the authentication is required to open the application each time, users can quickly reply to messages from the notification, attend incoming voice or video calls, etc without the authentication.

The new feature is going to be implemented to increase the security and to maintain the privacy of their users. But the blocking or screenshot disabling may cause some difficulty for users. Since the screenshots of chats being used with some good intentions also, in that case, the new feature may be a bit disappointing. But from the last few months, WhatsApp is much more concerned about privacy and security, as a result of WhatsApp recently issued a warning for all the users who are using 3rd party applications such as GB WhatsApp etc.

When will be the WhatsApp Screenshot disabling feature activated?

As of now, there are no dates regarding the release of the new feature, however, as per the report, the company is working on the new feature now and will be released once done. But the fingerprint authentication for Android is the upcoming feature which is required for the screenshot block feature to work.

Additionally, WhatsApp is working on the Dark Mode feature as like in the Facebook Messenger and other Google Products too. The dark mode for WhatsApp is one of the most awaited features will also be available in the coming months. This will help to reduce battery usage too.

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