Finally, Whatsapp started to ban third party app users temporarily. It has been a long time, since WhatsApp discovered that many users are using some third party applications such as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus on their mobile.

Now, it comes to an end. WhatsApp officially made an announced saying that, use of any third party application such as GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus to use the whatsapp service will result in ban of the WhatsApp account. In the statement, whatsapp also made it clear that, by using any third party application, it is not possible for them to maintain the privacy.

As the 3rd party application has been modified by other developers, there is always a risk of the data being made public. This will break the terms and policy of WhatsApp itself. By using these application, any damage or misuse of the data or the device will be the sole responsibility of the user and whatsapp has nothing to do with it.

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What are 3rd Party Applications for WhatsApp ?

We already mentioned about one of the popular 3rd party application called GB WhatsApp, however, we never recommend anyone to use that. Third party applications for whatsapp are modified version of the whatsapp. Some developers will modify the existing application by breaking the existing application and will create themselves modified version of the original application.

By doing this, users can install those application along with the original application on same device. Users can this have 2 or more whatsapp account on the same device. Some users will use these application to have more than one account on the same mobile, where as some other use this to have more features than the default application.

As we mentioned about the privacy, the modded version of the application has been customized in such a way that, the users will get more features for their whatsapp account than that of the original applications.

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What is the alternative for 3rd Party Application ?

There is no alternative for the 3rd party applications, however, if you wish to have one more whatsapp account on your mobile, then you can download the official WhatsApp Business application and register your mobile with that.

WhatsApp business application is actually meant for business and if you are using it for personal use, as for now, there is no issue in that, since the service is free. It is also safe to use too. Because as like the orginal WhatsApp application, WhatsApp business is also the official application from WhatsApp and there is no issue regarding the privacy and ban of account.

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