The most popular messaging app, Whatsapp is now trying to add some new features to the iPhone version of its app. It has released a new beta update for the iPhone users. WhatsApp for iOS beta changes its version to This new version includes Memoji Stickers and rebrands the name to ‘WhatsApp From Facebook’. This rebranding was marked on the Android version a few days ago and it has now spread to the iPhone app. The ‘WhatsApp From Facebook’ tag is visible under the Whatsapp’s Settings.

As we have already mentioned, the WhatsApp for iOS latest beta version allows Memoji Stickers support for users. Memoji Stickers can now be used by selected iPhone users. First of all,your Whatsapp should be updated to the latest version. Once you have updated to the new version, you can check for the Memoji Stickers option. The stickers will be visible along with the normal emoji options. These new Memoji Stickers are available for iPhoneX, iPhoneXR and iPhone XS users only which are running on iOS 13.

WhatsApp had also recently added the fingerprint lock feature for Android beta users, after making it available to the iPhone users. The users will need to enable the fingerprint lock feature in Settings, and this feature will provide users to a neat new security option. If you want to enable it, you have to open Whatsapp Settings > Account > Privacy. Here you can see a new option called Fingerprint lock. If you open Fingerprint lock, you can verify that is finally possible to enable the feature. When it is enabled you will need to use fingerprint to open Whatsapp. You can still answer calls if Whatsapp is locked.

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