Sometimes, you might need to divide a PDF into several or many pages. If you don’t know how to do it, the so-called splitter tools might come in handy. They can help you skip downloading extra apps on your PC. We explain how to split pages in a PDF with PDFLiner for free.

What Are the Benefits of Splitting PDFs Online?

If you need to split the rather massive PDF into several smaller files, you might think you need to install some additional software on your computer. However, this is not necessary with special PDF split online tools. If you have concerns about whether to use them, read the list of benefits they offer below.

24/7 access

To split a PDF file online, you don’t require any special working conditions or time schedules. All you need is your current working browser. It helps to split PDF pages anytime you need it and save effort on adjusting your workflow to a third-party service.


If you need to get separate PDF pages out of a single but bulky file, you might wonder if such page splitters are secure. We assure you they are, though you must address only reliable ones like PDFLiner. When you upload a PDF there, no one will manage to access it without your permission. The data is stored on secure servers, and you can also password-protect your document and add watermarks.

Optimized space and file size

One of the benefits online users appreciate the most when working with PDF splitters is their capability to save storage space and optimize the file size. As a result, they don’t consume precious storage space on your device.

Improved speed and efficiency

When your PDF file is compact, it becomes faster to upload it to your website or send it via email. Since the size directly affects the working speed, using dedicated software to split pages in PDF might save you a lot of hassle. In addition, the processed files become easier to edit.

Extraction of information

Knowing how to split a PDF online makes working with files, sensitive data, and websites more convenient. If you need to get some particular information from the entire document, you can split it page by page with one of the handy Web splitters. You can delete some pages you don’t require, make a separate file from an extract, and share the extracted images.

How to Split a PDF With PDFLiner

Any PDF splitter can help you split your files into smaller formats. However, only trustworthy services well-known among online users can assure you that your data is 100% secure. If you find managing your documentation, especially in PDF format, a pain you’d rather avoid, you might want to try PDFLiner to split PDF online.

Except for this particular function, this feature-rich PDF platform can provide you with many handy tools for editing, e-signing, and sharing PDF files. Here is a brief description of how to split a PDF with sticking to one of the options offered on the website.

Split a PDF into pages

Step 1: Upload the document you want to split from your device or select the corresponding template from the rich PDFLiner’s library.


Step 2: Choose “Page Settings” on the screen’s left side. A window with a broad variety of sheet editing tools will pop up. Pick the function “Split PDF pages.”


Step 3: Decide on the pages you want to split, and tap the “Split” icon on the upper toolbar.

Step 4: Entitle the file the way you desire.

Step 5: To save the selected sheets as a separate document, leave the bottom checkbox empty. Instead, tap “Split Document.”


Step 6: You will get a brand-new file when you are done. Now you can continue editing it with PDFLiner.

Split a PDF into multiple files

If you want to make several PDFs from a single one, PDFLiner can cope with this too. Follow the step-by-step guide below, and you will succeed.

Step 1: Upload the file you need to process from your device. Then, optionally, you can browse through the extensive library of forms on the platform.

Step 2: Find the “Page Settings” on the left page toolbar. Click on it and launch a settings window.

Step 3: Pick the sheets you need and mark them with ticks. Then choose the “Split” option.

Step 4: Give the created file a unique title or keep the default option provided on the site. In addition, it adds “(1)” to the original file name.

Step 5: Turn individual PDF pages into a new file by clicking the “Split to multiple files” box.


Step 6: When you are finished, a new window will pop up, empowering you to edit the text the way you like, insert additional fields and objects, etc.

Split a PDF in half

If you require to split a PDF file in half, PDFLiner can also cover this need.

Step 1: Upload the PDF you need to split from your PC or laptop to PDFLiner. You can also browse through various forms and blanks in the extensive library on the platform.

Step 2: When the editor automatically launches, click the “Page Settings” placed on the left of the screen to open the window with sheet management tools.

Step 3: Decide which sheets you want to split into two separate docs. Mark all of them and tap “Split.”


Step 4: Give the new document a name. You can also accept the default option provided by PDFLiner.

Step 5: Leave the lower checkbox blank to group the selected pages into a single file.

Step 6: You will have a new document to edit how you like using the service. All created files will be kept in your profile collection, which is placed under “My Documents.”

You can use PDFLiner regardless of being a student, a businessman, an individual contractor, or an office worker. It is user-friendly for everyone and comprehensible for beginners.


Now you know that splitting a PDF online doesn’t require specific preparation, skills, or downloading bulky apps. Instead, a reliable online PDF splitter tool can help you do it effortlessly in a mere moment. Try one by yourself and discover the benefits they come with.

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