No Outgoing ? How to Activate Outgoing Calls in Vi (Vodfone Idea)

Since the telecom operators implemented the compulsory minimum recharge for the prepaid users, like other telecom users, Vi users (Vodafone Idea users) cannot make outgoing and incoming calls now. Long back, we reported that Vodafone Idea (Vi) and Airtel is going to implement compulsory minimum recharge for all the users. Those who failed to do the recharge on time will get blocked from making an outgoing call first. Then after the grace period, the number will get blocked from incoming calls too.

Note: Since Vodafone Idea is rebranded as Vi, we are using both brands within the artcile, so Vi Vodafone Idea, Idea, Vodafone, all these 4 brands can be considered as one single brand.

Some of the Vi users earlier received messages and notifications regarding the disconnection. Then TRAI asked them to inform each user clearly regarding the validity and the time of disconnection. As per the TRAI direction, the company started sending messages to users regarding the date.

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Similarly, Airtel Users are also received the same. And finally, all the operators turned to a unified strategy which forces customers to do a monthly recharge to keep their number active to make and receive calls.

What to Do Next ?

Both Vi and Airtel now need a minimum monthly recharge to keep the number active. The cheapest monthly plan with Airtel is Rs. 49 and with Vi is Rs. 46. You need to do the recharge every 28 days to make and receive calls.

The minimum recharge plan will have a validity of 28 days and after 28 days, the outgoing service will be stoped and for the next 7 days, you will get incoming calls without an outgoing facility. If the recharge was not done in those 7 days, the incoming facility also will get blocked. So that ever the network, the minimum recharge with any available plan is needed.

How to Activate Outgoing Calls in Vi (Vodafone Idea) ?

If you just want to keep the number active with a minimum recharge pack, then do recharge for Rs. 46. This is the lowest available recharge pack. Rs. 46 Pack offers a validity of 28 days, 10 minutes of the on-net night calling between 11 pm to 6 am, no data benefit available with this plan. Incoming calls will be free, whereas the outgoing call rate is 2.5 Paisa per second. It requires additional Talktime.

As a multi-benefit cheap plan, Plan 79 is available which will provide a Talktime balance of Rs. 128, 200MB data and the call charge will be 1 paise per second.

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Why Telecom companies introduced compulsory minimum recharge ?

Now the telecom companies are following a monthly minimum recharge pattern and always asking their users to do recharge. In Order to keep their number active, each user has to choose any of the available recharge pack. Also, they have to do the recharge regularly, depending on the validity of the selected pack.

However companies are implementing this rule over their customers, this can cause some users to leave the current network too. Because TRAI now reduced the time for the Mobile number portability to just 2 days. This makes to users to think in that way too.

In fact, the past Lifetime validity concept now comes to an end. Even if, you have a lifetime validity sim, you have to keep recharging regularly. The new move from these companies is to increase the revenue to keep themselves alive in the market. Because, after the entry of Reliance Jio, the majority of the users are keeping primary SIM card for receiving Incoming calls. They do recharge only on the secondary SIM card which has the offer. In most case, it is Reliance Jio.

Thus by introducing the minimum recharge for all the users, companies can increase the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), thereby reduce the big loss in the market they are facing now.

23 thoughts on “No Outgoing ? How to Activate Outgoing Calls in Vi (Vodfone Idea)”

  1. These networks are very worse..They are playing with customers .. suddenly if you stopped the network means how poor people can do recharge every month and how illiterate people will know that network has been stopped ?

  2. This is cheating with customers i had recharged with life time package when i took my idea number,now they had changed their mind or policy
    Can we complain case again company??

    • Not possible friend. The new minimum recharge policy was made with the approval from TRAI. The minimum recharge is now mandatory with all the operators in India expect BSNL.

  3. I just recharged one of my friend idea number but incoming and outing calls are not working , could plz suggest me how to activate that.

  4. i done recahrge with 50+10 rs. still outgoing service not started and whenever i call anyone it shows incorrect number.

  5. Same happened with me.since a week my sim couldn’t work incoming and outgoing. I recharged 10rs for try but also not working..even I can’t call customer care.means not connecting. What should do.

  6. I am using Idea Sim since 21 years. However last 2-3 years its service is degraded. Now from 2 days I am unable to call anyone. Incoming is working. Its prepaid card. Validity is yet to come. How its happens. Today I recharge twicely, but cant contact. Is there any Working service no. to contact?

    • Did you try calling customer care? Now Vi offers WhatsApp support, you can chat with them on their WhatsApp number 9654297000.

    • Still, you can’t make any calls? Then something with your connectivity. Better contact customer care and let them know the issue.

  7. I lived in saudi arabia. every time i will recharge. i cant send message and call option. i need to active. outgoing messages and calls.


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