List of Minimum Recharge Packs Available For Vodafone Idea, Airtel, Jio Users

All telecom networks other than BSNL now made it compulsory for all their customers to recharge every month. Each user have to recharge regularly to keep their mobile number active. It is now only 2 months passed when Vodafone Idea and Airtel decided to impose the new minimum recharge mandatory regulation over their customers. Now, the telecom started to stop the outgoing call and data facility of the users. Airtel minimum recharge for validity starts from Rs. 25 where as Vodafone minimum recharge 35 pack also available.

It was Idea initially set the validity date of most users as of December 7th and started to stop the outgoing call facility of their customers. Then Vodafone and Airtel also started to block the outgoing facility of the customers. As per the new rule each user have to choose any of the validity recharge pack to keep their service active.

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If any user failed to do the recharge, then the outgoing call and data facility of that number will be blocked temporarily. Each user will get a grace period of 15 days to recharge then. During this time, incoming call facility will be available. Again if the user didn’t recharge in the 15 days time, then the incoming call facility also will get barred. All the service will get restored once the recharge is done. However, the telecom companies didn’t mention whether they disconnect the number if user didn’t do the recharge even after 15 days.

As per the TRAI’s statement, if the balance remained in the account of any user is above the minimum recharge pack, then the telecom company cannot disconnect the mobile number even if they didn’t do any recharge.

Each telecom company introduced minimum recharge pack starting from Rs.34 and Rs. 35 to keep the service active. We will check the list of available minimum recharge packs under Rs. 100 and its benefits.

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Minimum Recharge Pack For Airtel

1. Airtel’s Rs. 26 Pack

This is the available least plan from Airtel which gives 28 days validity. But the pack only have SMS benefits. It gives 600 Local and National SMS only. For calls and data, user need to do recharge separately or have to use the talktime.

2. Airtel’s Rs. 29 Pack

This also gives 28 days validity with data only benefit. Users will get 520MB of mobile data. No call and SMS benefit under this pack.

3. Airtel’s Rs. 34 Pack

Airtel’s Rs. 26 plan will give a total validity of 28 days with a talk time of 25.66 and 100MB Data.

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4. Airtel’s Rs. 35 Pack

This pack offers almost same benefits with small difference in the talk time. User will get a validity of 28 days and talk time available will be 26.66 with 100MB data.

5. Airtel’s Rs. 49 Pack

This pack is also a data only pack with 3GB of data for a period of 28 days. No call, talktime and sms benefits under this pack.

6. Airtel’s Rs. 64 Pack

This pack will give mobile data of 200MB and a total talk time benefit of Rs. 54. Also, the call rate for local and STD calls will be 60 paisa per second.

7. Airtel’s Rs 94 Pack

This pack will give a full talktime of Rs. 94 with a validity of 28 days. Other benefits included 500MB data and the call rate will be 30 paisa per minute.

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Minimum Recharge Pack For Idea

1. Idea’s Rs. 35 Pack

Idea’s least available pack is Rs. 35 and as per this plan, user will get a talktime of Rs. 26 and 100MB of mobile data. The call charge under this plan will be 2.5 paisa per second for local and STD. The validity of this pack will be 28 days.

2. Idea’s Rs 65 Pack

Under this plan user will get a total validity of 28 days. The talk time available will be Rs. 55 and the data allowance is 200MB. Calls can be made at 60 paisa per minutes under this plan.

3. Idea’s Rs. 95 Pack

This pack provided full talktime of Rs. 95 and the call charge will be 30 paisa per minutes for the full 28 days validity. The data allowance under this plan is 500MB.

Minimum Recharge Pack For Vodafone

1. Vodafone’s Rs. 35 Pack

This is the least available validity pack from Vodafone and the benefits includes Rs. 26 talktime, 100MB data and the calling rate will be 2.5 paise per second. We can notice that the 35 pack is same for idea and vodafone.

2. Vodafone’s Rs. 44 Pack

This is a SMS only pack from vodafone which gives user 500 local and national SMS for 28 days. No data, call or talktime benefit under this pack.

3. Vodafone’s Rs. 65 Pack

This pack also gives the customer a validity of 28 days with a talktime of Rs. 55 and the call charge will be 60 paisa per minutes for all local and national calls. It also gives data benefit of 200MB.

4. Vodafone’s Rs. 95 Pack

This pack gives a full talktime of Rs. 95 and data benefit of 500MB for 28 days. The call charge under this pack will be 30 paisa per minute.

5. Vodafone’s Rs. 98 Pack

This pack will give user a validity of 28 days and it is a data only pack. User will get data benefit of 3GB.

Minimum Recharge Pack For Jio

Most of us never realize the fact that, Reliance Jio introduced the minimum recharge strategy where each Jio user have to do recharge regularly to enjoy their unlimited service. But the difference in Jio is that, all their pack provides unlimited service including Data, Call, SMS and the only difference is the validity is the speed and usage cap.

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The least available recharge for Jio is Rs. 19 which only gives a validity of 1 day where you have to do recharge for Rs. 98 or Rs. 149 to get validity if 28 days.

1. Jio’s Rs.19 Pack

Validity of this pack will be 1 day. Users will get unlimited free calls and data. But high speed data is limited to 150MB whereas speed will be reduced to 64kbps after that. Also 20 local and national sms also available under this pack.

2. Jio’s Rs. 98 Pack

User will get 2GB of high speed data. Speed will be reduced to 64kbps afterwards. Unlimited free calls and 300 SMS also free with this pack. The validity is 28 days.

3. Jio’s Rs. 149 Pack

This pack also gives a validity of 28 days. The benefits includes 1.5GB high speed data per day and unlimited calls along with 100 SMS per day. The data speed will be reduced to 64kbps after the 1.5GB usage each day.

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    • Just recharge for Rs. 35 in every 2 months, you can use your SIM abroad for receiving SMS. Or topup for Rs. 200 or Rs. 500, so that Rs. 24 will be deducted every month and your sim will be active all the time.


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